Good, Bad, and Destructive Choices Made in Public Service

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When it comes to working with the public, some  choices come with a price. The simple concept of ‘learning to take a breath’ before making a poor choice, is a lesson everyone in public service needs to learn.

3 Steps that create forward Momentum into the New Year

React to stress RITE

How you react to things today, will influence your reactions to things in the future. And how you view things as a positive or negative in your life, will bring more of those things into your life…

Misconduct and Toxic Employees who lack Emotional Intelligence

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Workplace Bully can take you from being HAPPY to ANGRY within seconds. Toxic employees know how to push your buttons, voice their negative banter, and tell everyone how bad work is. And it is ‘never THEIR fault.’

Firefighters are Climbing an Emotional Intelligence Ladder for Mental Health

We can’t expect a firefighter to carry the heavy burden of ongoing trauma without giving them mental strategies to deal with this stress. When you hear “I’m Fine,” or “I’m good,” and your gut is telling you something is not right… they are likely NOT FINE at all!

Officers Knowing and Believing the price of VALUE

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What Value have you offered (or taken away from) the public service profession? Your VALUE becomes your life-story. How you make a difference for yourself, the profession, and within the community you serve becomes your story.

Emotional Intelligence reduces Golf scores and Misconduct


When our emotional well-being gets shifted negatively, misconduct can occur. These negative events or triggers can be connected to our ‘hot buttons’, or things that piss us off to a point that we can take our anger and frustration out on others.

Duty to Intervene Protocols mandated in Racial Equity plans Nationwide

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Why Mayors are Endorsing RITE Training… Cities across the nation have realized that in order to have better police-community relations that part of building bias-free relations, requires racial equity plan commitment to includes RITE Professional Workplace Culture Program.