Training Photos

Cambridge, MA_HOST: Harvard University Police Dept. – Leadership Training and Trainers Class


Pittsburgh, PA_HOST: Pittsburgh Police Dept. – Leadership Training and Trainers Class


Selma, AL_HOST: Dept. of Corrections – Leadership Training and Trainers Class

Orlando, FL_HOST: NFL – Leadership Training

Upper Darby, PA_HOST: Upper Darby Police Department – Train-the-Trainer


Fayetteville, NC_HOST: Fayetteville Police Department – Train-the-Trainer 

So. Euclid, OH_HOST: Notre Dame College Police Department – Train-the-Trainer 


Dover, PA_HOST: Northern York County Regional Police Department – Train-the-Trainer 


St. Peters, MO_HOST: St. Peters Police Department – Train-the-Trainer


Norman, OK_HOST: Norman Police Department – Train-the-Trainer

Raleigh, NC_HOST: North Carolina Justice Academy – Leadership Training 


Cleveland, OH_HOST: Notre Dame College Police – Leadership Training


 Orlando, FL_HOST: Leesburg Police Department – Train-the-Trainer


 Jefferson City, MO @Missouri Police Chief’s Conference Leadership Training


 Central Falls, RI_HOST: Central Falls Police Department, Train-the-Trainer


Huntington, WV_HOST: Marshall University Police Department – Leadership Training


Portland Oregon HOST: Oregon Dept. of Corrections, Leadership Training