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We are excited to have added the Firefighter Ladder to our product line. These are available for order on our PRODUCT PAGE to our Trainers and Firehouses that are teaching RITE to Firefighters around the country.


The RITE Ladder Tool represents 18 different emotions we all feel at some point during our day, in our week, and during our lives. The Goal in life is stay on top, where Love, Gratitude and Joy live. As Steve Jobs says in the video below, “If you don’t LOVE what you do, you will likely fail.”


RITE Inspirational Videos

Do you LOVE what you do? Watch the videos above, like #WhyIWearTheBadge, as you will surely feel the Love of what these law enforcement officers do, day in and day out. At RITE Academy, we Love what we do… helping all public service professionals get to the Top of their Ladder. The RITE Ladder is one of the TOOLS given to everyone in our training classes.


“For over 19 years I’ve gone to a lot of courses. This is the first course that helps the officer first, which can help the department and help the community.” Sgt. Fred Jones


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RITE training looks at cultural diversity thru a new lens improving implicit bias and internal communication. RITE improves communication to de-escalate situations, career resiliency, leadership skills, and departmental recruiting. Our Racial Intelligence training for Public Service Professionals puts Officer Wellness at the front line… because when you help the officer become a better person, the profession follows.