Emotional Intelligence reduces Golf scores and Misconduct


When our emotional well-being gets shifted negatively, misconduct can occur. These negative events or triggers can be connected to our ‘hot buttons’, or things that piss us off to a point that we can take our anger and frustration out on others.

Duty to Intervene Protocols mandated in Racial Equity plans Nationwide

duty intervene professional workplace

Why Mayors are Endorsing RITE Training… Cities across the nation have realized that in order to have better police-community relations that part of building bias-free relations, requires racial equity plan commitment to includes RITE Professional Workplace Culture Program.

2020 Vision for Professional Workplace Culture in Policing

2020 vision RITE training

Just ONE toxic employee, can be costly to a public service agency. Civil lawsuits, inter-department obstruction, bad press, and distrust to the community for which your agency serves, are seen in the news daily.