National Police Week, RITE Honors Fallen Officers

fallen officers

We should honor our fallen officers by making a concerted effort to help those who are currently still working in the profession, while we mourn and praise those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Use of Voice not Force | Fred Jones | TEDxEustis on RITE

What an honor to have our good friend and RITE Trainer, Sgt. Jones present at Tedx, in Feb 2019. Fred Jones, of Lake County Sheriff’s Office, gave an amazing Talk in Eustis, Florida, on how RITE’s Racial Intelligence Training can help many officers reduce Use of Force.

University police dive into advanced cultural training

RITE factors in a person’s implicit bias toward a situation based on social factors such as religion or class. “We all grow up thinking things are supposed to be a certain way,” said Gardner, who noted RITE training takes steps to help officers discover what might trigger a bias.

Training Combats Workplace Harassment

workplace harassment training

Workplace harassment starts with a breakdown in communication and a lack of training. Harassment training should be reinforced every 4 years.

Saying Thank You – A Powerful Police Tool

thank you

Police Officers may not always communicate that they are ‘appreciative’ to come when they are called. Empathy Communication takes practice and patience

Earning Respect in the Workplace

Bullying, entitlement, and demeaning others can crush a department. Jokes and Pranks can be the stone that causes the glass house to break into a million pieces. Don’t be that person that brings your agency down.