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RITE Academy is a women owned and operated company, providing the latest and most innovative training program called “Racial Intelligence.” This is the only diversity and inclusion program that includes Emotional and Social Intelligence techniques, that benefits the individual and the company.

Providing first class training for Executive leadership, Performance management, Mindfulness, Safety, Risk management, Title IX programs and Universities, Bias-Free Workplace Harassment Training and consulting services. See Attachment for more information on courses provided.

Learning to treat ourselves fairly, with an understanding of our implicit bias and internal communication, must be in place before we can treat others fairly. Title IX was put in place to create a fair and safe environment on campus, for everyone. RITE is thrilled to join the Title IX cause, helping everyone on campus… Do the Right Thing!

Mercer’s Employees’ Minds Survey, 2015, surveyed over 3000 workers on the satisfaction of their current job:

  • 63% of senior managers seriously considered leaving
  • 39% of management-level employees were looking
  • 32% of non-management workers

As an employer, you need to remain competitive. When groups look to leave,  this harms morale and productivity. RITE Training keeps your employees engaged, happy, and productive.

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Our Racial Intelligence Training is uniquely qualified to provide Emotional and Social Intelligence RITE Tools, that empower your leaders and employees with improved communication and performance skills. This helps build company morale and improve customer service. What is most unique, are the take-away-tools your employees will want to share with family and friends. 

What students say… “This is the first time a training class has helped me personally as well as professionally.”



We received a 96% past performance OPEN RATINGS by DUN and BRAD on our courses, showing that once our clients receive our course that they are happy with entire business process that RITE Academy provided.

  • Certified woman owned small business EDWOSB
  • We work with corporations, public service entities, military, government, and non-profits.
  • Member of the governments contracting SAM and GSA

We are ready to help your companies training needs. See FAQ Page for W9, References, Testimonials, and list of courses available.


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Racial Intelligence – The New Cultural Diversity Program
Learn how to improve your employees performance while helping them improve in personal ways. Emotional Intelligence (EI – The Person) + Social Intelligence (SI – Others) = Racial Intelligence.

Racial Intelligence means to treat yourself and others fairly. The 6 Lessons to Racial Intelligence is for all public service professionals, Government, Military & Corporate employees.

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Other Published Books by RITE Training Authors

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 “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” – Maya Angelou

This first quote of many we used in The Athletic Mindset, is the essence behind every great athlete, successful CEO, brave soldier, and proud mother.


“Most golf mental books only deal with the anxieties and fears that only occur on the golf course, but most of us know that our old crippling baggage we carry from our personal and professional lives follow us to the golf course and affect how we play.

Our mental game always effects our physical play!”