RITE Programs Cover this and More…

  • Racial equity and Bias-Free policing
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • PTS(D) left untreated
  • Cumulative Career Trauma
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • 7 key elements of Harassment
  • RITE Accountable Tools
  • Social media proper posting
  • Professional Workplace Behavior
  • Mental Looping, Negative Banter,
  • Entitlement Issues, Bullying
  • Unprofessional Social Media
  • Implicit Bias and Hot Buttons
  • Block-out Syndrome
  • Emergency Response: Step-in, Tap-out, Take-over


Who are RITE Programs for?

All public service professionals including command staff and leaders, police and corrections officers, fire, city and University staff will benefit from the RITE program. This is NOT a brow-beating class that put officers down and tell them what they are doing wrong.

We build your officers up, which builds morale that’s felt inside the agency, and out!

RITE teaches your officers and staff how to handle stress in an effective way. Think of is as Professional Workplace Racial Equity Training, that most will actually enjoy and use, personally, professionally, as well as in the community.




Since 2015 RITE Academy provide first class Public Service Training:

  1. Trained over 950 agencies – implementing a Professional Workplace Culture Program
  2. Trained and Certified over 520 RITE Trainers
  3. Provided over 550,000 RITE Training Tools for employees to work on their emotions.
  4. Helped agencies reduce their use-of-force incidents by 65%
  5. Educated local governments, state and federal representative on police reform
  6. Sent out over 100 Public Service newsletters nationwide for agencies to give to their employees



Officers after RITE Training, ONE Year Later!

“Upper Darby police superintendent Michael Chitwood after rigorous research selected RITE Academy to teach racial and cultural sensitivity and deescalation techniques to 6 officers (3 captains, 2 detectives, and a sergeant) in October 2017.

Just ONE year after training Upper Darby’s more than 125 cops, improvements are seen across the board.

Read what Chitwood has to say HERE


RITE Trainer Graduate, Just DAYS after Class!

“Our Chief Firearms Instructor asked if I could help out an officer who is in our academy and is struggling with shooting his firearm. If he doesn’t pass the qualification this week, he will be let go. You can imagine the stress and other emotions this young man is going through. So, this past Saturday, I met him at our shooting range to train him on…” ~ Read what happened HERE


RITE combines Emotional and Social Intelligence techniques

These critical skills (that most officers need, yet rarely learn), help improve De-escalation, Officer Wellness, and career Resiliency.

RITE Training at Marshall University, WV

This cutting edge, 21st century in-service training is for all public service professionals who are looking to build a better foundation towards positive employee engagement, on and off the streets. RITE programs reinforce proper conduct as an employee of the department (LE, Corrections, Fire, and City), with documentation that strengthens standards, if ever needed.

“Racial Intelligence (RI) is the practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI), Social Intelligence (SI), and the RITE Tools, to treat ourselves and others fairly.”

RITE’s four (4) motivational training programs are designed to coach, motivate and inspire your employees with unique Emotional and Social Intelligence lessons that create cultural changes in the department. All programs teach the (6) RITE modules (life lessons), that go beyond the ordinary cultural diversity and inclusion, sensitivity training, and actually improve individual lives. RITE is approved by the IADLEST NCP and in 33 POST Academies. Officers receive (4) CE Credits. Our training has been known to even improve marital relationships! 


RITE Programs and Pricing – Half-day, Full-day, 2-day Classes

(1) RITE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP - Professional Workplace Culture Starts up Top

RITE’s Cultural Training is nationally recognized in encouranging a bias-free community. Our classes include a unique combination of Emotional and Social intelligence, that includes years of research to give your employees a sole-source experience that can not be duplicated.


Providing leaders with accountability standards to reinforce the department’s workplace culture. RITE reinforces your company’s values of having a professional bias-free workplace culture for all employees while building community trust. Each participant receives accountability tools and signed pledge as a commitment to professional workplace culture.



Workplace Culture Breakdowns include:

  • Racial Equity
  • Unprofessional Behavior
  • Elements of Entitlement
  • Mental Looping and Negative Banter
  • Implicit Bias and Hot Buttons
  • Rumors and Gossip
  • Use of Profanity
  • Professional Workplace Behavior Standards
  • Mental Looping, Negative Banter, Entitlement
  • Unprofessional Social Media Posting
  • Implicit Bias and Hot Buttons
  • Block-out Syndrome
  • Emergency Response: Step-in, Tap-out, Take-over


Reinforce a bias-free culture of treating everyone fairly and professionally. Establishing strict accountability guidelines for workplace culture.



Learn Ladder Leadership and how to get back to the top, no matter how many times you get knocked down, and how to help others climb to the top. Learn improved recruiting techniques using EI and SI. Potential new recruits know WHAT you, and HOW you do it, but if they don’t know WHY your department is the best place for them to work, WHY should they join you? Within this training, we help you improve your leadership, management, de-esclation, and recruiting skills.

“Let’s help others Do the RIGHT thing out there!”


The 1-Day Leadership Training Overview:

  • Racial Intelligence – Bias-free envirionment
  • 7 key elements of Workplace Harassment
  • RITE Accountable Tools Implementation
  • Established SOP on cultural guidlines
  • Racial equity and a Bias-free culture
  • De-escalation Communication
  • Learn Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI) modules for career resiliency
  • Supports 6th Pillar of 21st Century Policing – Officer Health and Wellnes
  • Racial Intelligence – Bias-free environment Media Campaign
  • SOP – Cultural Diversity Accountability Standards
  • Builds a cultural community policing bond
  • Strengthen Departmental Accountability Standards using Tools for each employee
  • Increase Diversity Recruiting Module with RITE Principles

     Overview of Pricing:

  • Full-day session $8,900
  • Half-day session(s) $4,900
    • Extra costs: Travel for (2) trainers; Tool kits and Books

Includes (2) Instructors, materials, hand-outs, Certificate of completion, community campaign, classroom fees, coffee and light breakfast, water and refreshments.

Contact for Large agency Kit Options

(2) RITE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER – Department-wide De-escalation, Police Misconduct, Cultural Awareness


The Train-the-Trainer Course gives your department the ability to roll out the RITE (Racial Intelligence) class that includes De-escalation communication and Career resiliency. This all-inclusive training, is a Certificate Class. Once certified, instructors can teach (their department’s) officers, including sworn and non-sworn personnel. The training they roll out can be 4-12 CE Credits, and can be taught in two 2-hour segments if needed, or can be extended if time avails.

RITE Tool Kits  are the key to this training’s success “sticking” with the department and the officer. These Kits are super affordable and are to be purchased before training can be rolled out to your department. (Please ORDER Products at least 30-days from your training date for shipment to arrive on time).

This complete 2-day training is for your department full time or part time instructors. All-inclusive Racial Intelligence training, provides your key instructors with all the tools they need to teach your entire department the Basic Racial Intelligence Course (4 CE Credits, as per IADLEST).

The 2-Day Training Overview:

  • Complete Racial Intelligence Instructor Manual – To use in class and for all Instructor Classes
  • Certifies Trainers to give 4-12 hour in-service trainings to all public service personnel (in their agency)
  • Trainers will be Certified to teach the (6) RITE principles
  • Teach and use ALL the RITE Tools – for personal and professional enhancement
  • Includes RITE Instructor Manual, Trainer Tools, Materials, Instructor Power Point, Teaching aids, and RITE Instructor Certificate

Overview of Pricing:

  • Single Agency invoice $14,000 (up to 30)
  • Travel for (2) trainers; Tool kits and Books (additional)

Includes (2) Instructors, materials, hand-outs, Certificate of completion, community campaign, classroom fees, coffee, water and refreshments.



RITE Academy law enforcement handbookThe RITE 4-hour Cultural Diversity Officer Wellness course for public service professionals, police officers, corrections as well as sworn and non-sworn personnel, is to be taught by your RITE Certified Trainers, or RITE Academy Instructors. All public service professionals, (including City and County, Sworn and non-sworn personnel) would benefit greatly from this course, either with the officers or in their own training group. Other Civil Service entities can benefit from this course as well.

The 4-Hour Training Overview:

  • RITE Academy Racial Intelligence HandBook for Law Enforcement & Public Service Professionals
  • RITE Tools for continued work on Racial Intelligence, after the class
  • Racial Intelligence Exam
  • Racial Intelligence Pledge
  • Racial Intelligence Certification
  • Ability to apply for CE Credits (State specific)

Overview of Pricing:

  • Full-day session $8,900
  • 1-2 Half-day session(s) $4,900
    • Extra costs: Travel for (2) trainers; Tool kits and Books


(Note: We recommend your RITE Certified Train-the-Trainers to deliver to this course. RITE Academy Instructors are available for smaller departments that do not have trainers.)

(4) RITE WORKPLACE HARASSMENT TRAINING - Creating a Bias-Free Workplace

RITE’s Workplace Harassment Prevention Program is nationally recognized in creating a bias-free work place. The RITE Approach provides a safe environment to openly report on-the-job deviant behavior, workplace harassment, and abuse. This class is designed for law enforcement, but can be applied to all city employees in need of workplace harassment training.

This program for all employees, is about Doing the RIGHT Thing at work, reporting unacceptable behavior.  Building a solid foundation for your employees to stand starts with unique Emotional Intelligence (EI) Tools. Learning to treat yourself fairly, is the first step. We cover the follow areas of workplace harassament.


The Half-Day Training Overview:

  • 7 key elements of Harassment in the Workplace
  • Use of RITE Tools for continued work after the class
  • Elements of Entitlement
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace
  • Building Cohesive Teams
  • Open Inclusive Inter-department Communication.

Overview of Pricing:

  • Full-day session $8,900
  • 1-2 Half-day session(s) $4,900
  • 3+ Half-day sessions $4,500 (or when combined with full-day Leadership)
  • Extra costs: Travel for (2) trainers; Tool kits and Books



Endorsements on RITE Training


What is The RITE ‘Accountability’ Tool Kit?

RITE Tool Kit red and yellow

The RITE Tool Kit is THE biggest difference from any other course offered for public service professionals. Top athletes use the right Tools to train with to improve their sport, yet employee training rarely leaves the individual with tools they can practice with and continue learning… until now!

All RITE Academy programs include required Tools for each student to work with and learn from, during and after class. These tools allow the learning to continue personally and professionally well after the class is over. This is the key to success with RITE training. It takes 21 days to change a habit and improve behavior.




Who are the RITE Programs are for?

All public service professionals including command staff and leaders, police and corrections officers, fire, city and University staff will benefit from the RITE program.

Departments under public scrutiny, easy access to video footage, usage of body cams, witnesses capturing video, and heightened awareness of public opinion, the RITE program teaches your officers and staff how to handle stress in an effective way. Imagine bringing in Cultural Diversity Training, they’ll actually enjoy and use, personally, professionally, and in the community.


Where are the RITE Programs conducted?

Our RITE trainers travel to your police department, corrections facility, academy, or host training facility, OR you can come to us in the Orlando Florida area. Whether you choose the Executive Leadership, the Train-the-Trainer Course for your instructors, or the Harassment Training for Improved Workplace, you can be certain the instruction and presentation will be top-notch. Communities love Racial Intelligence as this helps build community relations and trust between all parties! RITE gives your department an opportunity to share what you are doing with the media, and get some positive press!

“RITE Officer Wellness Training adds that pillar of strength departments need right now. Our core model teaches Emotional and Social Intelligence techniques, with the use of RITE Tools. This helps improve employee performance, department morale, and community relations.” ~ Randy Friedman, Director of Training

Contact RITE for Agency Training

  1. Executive Leadership: 1-Day Training for Command Staff and Agency Leaders
  2. Train-The-Trainer: 2-Day Training for Full and Part-time Instructors
  3. Diversity Officer Wellness: For All Sworn and Non-Sworn: Up To 12-Hours
  4. Harassment Training: Half or Full-day class; Covers All Areas of Workplace Harassment



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RITE Academy Law Enforcement Leadership Training, Certificate of Completion
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