Team Trainers must complete three stages:

  1. Take the 2-day RITE Train-the-Trainer Program (only taught by RITE founders)
  2. Teach RITE Classes to your designated agency – teaching a minimum of 3 classes
  3. Get your RITE post-training surveys completed by your students – Must receive an 80% or above approval rating

As a RITE Team Trainer, you qualify to teach other agency’s in your county, or contracted by RITE Academy. Contact us if you meet the 3 standards above, and would like to join to the Team.

Meet the RITE Team Trainers

Sgt. Fred Jones, RITE Graduate January 2016 

Fred started his career in 1997 at the Lake Correctional Institute in Clermont, FL, later moving to the Lake County Jail. After 3 years he went into law enforcement as a Sheriff’s Deputy for Lake County where he has worked in Road Patrol, School Resources, Dare and Narcotics Detective. He is currently finishing his degree in Public Administration with plans to pursue his Master’s Degree.

Fred is currently assigned as Sergeant in Professional Standards which includes accreditation, Internal Affairs and Public Records.  Being a RITE Instructor and Internal Affairs Investigator he’s had a front seat view, to see the positive impact of the RITE training on his department.

“Most deputy complaints came in on them being rude or unprofessional on a call. After teaching the RITE training there has been a significant decrease in complaints on our deputies. I truly believe this is due to the deputies having and utilizing RITE Tools with Emotional Self-Awareness and Empathy Communication (2 of the 6 modules they learn). I continue to receive positive feedback from the deputies as well as citizens of this community.”


Officer Shaunda Wilson, RITE Graduate December 2016 

Shaunda M. Wilson currently works as a member of the C.O.P.S (Community Oriented Police Strategy) unit with the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Police Department. While in this position, Shaunda assists her department with building community relationships and trust through programming and training that she provides.

Shaunda knows her ability to empathize with the community she serves along with the justice system she works within can bridge the gap between the two entities. She uses her platform as an instructor to discuss how her personal experiences as a manager, officer and parent to build not only community trust, but foster a change in their mindset toward the police profession in general.

In 2016 Shaunda was named Officer of the Year for the NIU Police Department as a direct result of her skills in building trust within the community. Shaunda is a certified R.I.T.E (Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement) instructor. Shaunda heralds from the south side of Chicago and boasts over 20 years of security/law enforcement experience. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Kishwaukee Collage and Bachelor’s Degree from Western Illinois University.


Officer Rob Williams, RITE Graduate December 2016 

Robert D. Williams, Jr. currently works as a member of the C.O.P.S (Community Oriented Police Strategy) unit with the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Police Department.

Robert is from the south side of Chicago and had various encounters with police… mostly negative and very few positive.  This was one of the major reasons Rob decided to become a police officer after 8 years in corporate America/higher education.  These experiences helped shape how he interacts with the community.

He believes that law enforcement consists of many components with actual enforcement of the law being a small portion. Robert understands that the perception the community has of law enforcement is shaped by the interactions of both parties involved. He knows that situational awareness is important in his profession and treating each circumstance separately is paramount. Robert became an officer with NIU in 2012 and worked as a patrol officer for 4 years. Robert is a certified R.I.T.E (Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement) and Defensive Tactics instructor.

Robert holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Master’s Degree in Financial Fraud Examination and Management both from Saint Xavier University.


(More Team Trainers coming soon)