RITE Academy FAQ


1. OVERVIEW of RITE Training

RITE Academy addressing the public safety industry with officer wellness, executive leadership, diversity and inclusion, de-escalation communication, harassment awareness, emotional and social intelligence, professional development, and ethics.

With RITE’s on-going success, we continue to expand into all industries including Military and Government agencies. RITE’s educational take-away tools used during and after class, is what makes RITE go beyond the One-and-done classes.

This easy to comprehend training, helps create an awareness of how we affect others, and that we (individually) have the power to make internal changes.

Racial Intelligence (RI) is the practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI), and Social Intelligence (SI), with the use of RITE Tools, to treat ourselves and others fairly.”

RITE goes beyond the typical Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, and focuses on improving officer wellness and communication, increasing departmental morale, and building community policing and trust.

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The goal is to become aware of one’s own emotions (EI), to improve situational awareness when engaging with others (SI), and to create diversity and inclusion skills that help to de-escalate whenever possible.

2. How is Racial Intelligence LEADERSHIP TRAINING unique?

RITE Leadership Training teaches leaders the critical components of both Emotional Intelligence (EI), and Social Intelligence (SI), combined with the RITE Tools, needed to improve leadership skills. This combination is what drives individual performance, towards team success. We help Leaders define what their “Why” is to be a more effective leader. This in-turn helps employees thrive, and increases recruiting skills.

cultural diversity training for correctionsGreat leaders have Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional Intelligence is being aware of our emotions, and to acknowledge that emotions can drive behavior that impacts others (positively and negatively). Social Intelligence is how we effectively navigate and negotiate all social relationships and situations.

The RITE Tools (like the Emotional Energy Ladder), makes us aware of our emotions, how we affect others, and that only we have the power to make those changes. Great leadership is doing the RITE thing.

3. Define EMOTIONAL Intelligence (EI) and SOCIAL Intelligence (SI)

Emotional & Social Intelligence inside the RITE Model – De-escalation thru Verbal Communication

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is learning to become aware of our emotions, and to acknowledge that emotions drive behavior that can impact others (positively and negatively). Learning to manage our emotions, in the moment, is crucial.

     RITE teaches key components of Emotional Intelligence that includes: Emotional Self-Awareness, Behavioral Self-Control, and Ethics and Integrity. This combination helps to improve the public service professional’s EI, at work as well as at home. Improved de-escalation and cultural diversity awareness starts with EI.

Social Intelligence (SI) is how we effectively navigate and negotiate all social relationships and situations. Learning and using your EI, is beneficial to improving your SI.

    RITE teaches key components of Social Intelligence that includes: Situational Awareness, Empathy Communication, and Conflict Management. RITE uses unique social skill-building lessons that help to improve the public service professionals SI, on the street, in the department, and at home. Working on one’s Social Intelligence, improves de-escalation communication.

4. What CRITICAL Needs will RITE help our Agency with?

Critical needs that the RITE programs address are:

  1. De-escalation and resiliency awareness – techniques that awaken implicit bias.
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training – helps the officer recognize emotional awareness and behavioral self-control, that helps when engaging with the public.
  3. Social Intelligence (SI) Training – helps identify better outcomes using conflict management techniques and empathy communication training.
  4. Unique tools – combination of EI and SI with the RITE Tools, helps identify cultural differences, and bias-based awareness.

The RITE training provides critical needs for all Public Service Professionals putting Officer Wellness on the front line. By helping the officer improve on a personal level (mentally and physically), the profession follows.

5. How to REGISTER for training and obtain RITE'S W9

You can find all of our scheduled training events on RITE’s EVENT DATES page. All event details, location, agenda, hotel information and registration can be found in the individual training you want to attend.


Our W9 can be found on the bottom of each event page or just CLICK the W-9 image. 


6. Types of PAYMENT accepted for Training

You can pay by Agency check, Credit card, or Purchase order.

  • Find the EVENT you want to register for at https://riteacademy.com/events
  • Scroll down past  REGISTRATION NOW
  • Registration Form: Fill in ALL the information and Check your payment option
    • If paying by credit card, a payment link will be emailed within 24 hours
    • If payment by purchase order, please indicate that in the NOTES section and EMAIL the PO document to training@riteacademy.com

SUBMIT REGISTRATION FORM  – To get ALL names Registered

[You know it went thru if you get the message… “Thank You For Registering!”

Phone Inquiries: (561) 444-8704  Fax: (561) 342-7115 | Email: Training@riteacademy.com

NOTE: Registration is confirmed when payment is made. PO must be emailed to us before attending training.

7. What CERTIFICATES and NETWORKS are RITE a part of?


RITE is IADLEST NCP certified, which 33 states recognize (yet some states require more detailed information on our course). On top of that our training has been individually state-approved for CE credits (and has taught officers in) FL, MO, OH, PA, MD, RI, NH, CT, MA, TX, MS, OK, NC, IL, and GA.

POST – In a nutshell, when a host department needs other paper work filled out to insure their officers receive the proper credit, we are happy to provide that.

EDWOB – Woman–owned, operated, and controlled business

RITE Academy, a global provider of Emotional, Mindful, and Racial Intelligence™ corporate leadership training services, received its certification as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), the oldest third party certifier of women owned business in the United States. This certification affirms that RITE Academy is a woman–owned, operated, and controlled business.


RITE can be found in the ARIBA network. Ariba Network is the world’s largest business commerce network, where more than 2 million companies transact nearly $1 trillion in business annually.

Supplier Connection

Supplier Connection is an initiative to grow small or diverse businesses and create jobs in the United States. Powered by IBM, cloud-based business-to-business community.

It enables collaboration between small or diverse businesses and the supply chains of Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market firms, and other enterprises.

8. What makes RITE Training unique, to continue LEARNING?

At RITE we don’t believe in “one and done” training. You wouldn’t learn to shoot a gun and not have the ability to practice it, so why go to a training that doesn’t give you TOOLS to practice with? RITE gives the student key tools to continue the work after the training is completed.

Racial Intelligence Training comes complete with the following:

  1. RITE Handbook – used in the training and for the open-book exam
  2. Pre and Post Examination
  3. Racial Intelligence Pledge – student acknowledges departments cultural diversity action plan
  4. Take-away TOOLS for each class participant
  5. RITE Certificates of Completion
  6. Racial Intelligence Training Banners – For the Training or Roll Call Room
  7. RITE Supervisor Cards – for 1st-line staff to reinforce the departments cultural diversity action plan.
  8. RITE Stickers for community and youth programs
  9. Cultural Diversity action plan to include SOP, departmental accountability standards, Media Campaign, and Community Forum Plan.
  10. Additional items for instructors and students can be found on our PRODUCTS page like: RITE Gratitude Coins, Large instructor banners, RITE Kits

Even the best training can be forgotten if not reinforced. RITE training continues to inspire well after the training ends, because of our unique RITE Tool Kit. Students will use their own tools in the training (i.e.: De-escalation Communication & Resiliency Awareness), and continue using them well after the training ends. These are for the student to keep, which helps reinforcement.

RITE Tool Kit red and yellowClick the RITE Tool Kit – Learn what truly makes our training as unique as your officers


9. RITE Programs, Target Audience, Programs Cost

Racial Intelligence Training offers multiple programs in order to deliver specific training needs for all levels the public service professionals, and the communities in which they serve. Detailed information on OUR PROGRAMS page.

(1) Executive Leadership Course – This 1-day training for the key leaders in your department, teaches the (6) Lessons to Racial Intelligence. Leading others starts with knowing yourself and WHY you do what you do. RITE provides a cultural diversity action plan to include the Leadership handbook, test, tools and pledge that the basic course offers, while incorporating SOP cultural diversity, accountability standards, media campaign, and a fully inclusive cultural diversity action plan. MORE INFO – CLICK (1) DROP DOWN

  • Single Agency invoice $8,700 (up to 100 participants)
  • $369. for 1 or 2 from the same agency
  • $294. for 3 or more from same agency

All-inclusive fee includes the RITE Premium Leadership Kit ($59 value), Intelligence Leadership HandBook, materials, hand-outs, Certificate of completion, community campaign, trainer and classroom fees, coffee and light breakfast, water and refreshments.

(2) First Line Supervisor – This 1-day training gives your front-line leaders the Emotional and Social Intelligence, plus RITE tools needed to successfully implement the RITE Model EI+SI=RI. They receive 30 supervisory cards for one-on-one or in team meetings, that helps improve employee performance and curtail inappropriate behavior, as well as to reinforce the department’s cultural action plan. Includes the handbook, test, tools, and pledge. MORE INFO – CLICK (2) DROP DOWN

  • Single Agency invoice $8,700 (up to 100 participants)
  • $369. for 1 or 2 from the same agency
  • $294. for 3 or more from same agency

All-inclusive fee includes the RITE Premium Leadership Kit ($59 value), Intelligence Leadership HandBook, materials, hand-outs, Certificate of completion, community campaign, trainer and classroom fees, coffee and light breakfast, water and refreshments.

(3) Train-the-Trainer Course – This 2-day all-inclusive Racial Intelligence training is for instructors of the department. This certifies instructors to teach the RITE program to all department personnel, sworn and non-sworn. Includes everything from the RITE Instructor Manual, Trainer Tools, Materials, Instructor Power Point, Teaching aids, and RITE Instructor Certificate. MORE INFO – CLICK (3) DROP DOWN

  • Single Agency invoice $14,000 (max. 50 participants)
  • $824 pp. for 1 or 2 from the same agency
  • $749 pp. for 3 or more from same agency
  • Community Leaders are welcome to attend

All-inclusive fee includes the RITE Premium Trainer Kit ($99 value), Intelligence Trainer Complete Manuel, materials, hand-outs, Certificate of completion, community campaign, trainer and classroom fees, coffee and light breakfast, water and refreshments.

(4) Racial Intelligence training – Condensed – This 4-hour training encompasses the book, test, tools, and pledge. Each officer takes a test, and pledge after the course to acknowledge their understanding of the departments cultural diversity action plan. Each officer is given “take-away tools” that they can practice every day in order to improve personally and professionally. It is to be taught by your agency’s RITE Certified Trainers, or RITE Academy Instructors. MORE INFO – CLICK (4) DROP DOWN

  • Single Agency invoice $4,700 (Up to 100 participants)
  • Individual participants $195. pp
  • 25 participant minimum
  • Community Open Forum– Typically rolled out after the department has fully implemented their cultural diversity action plan and training. Invite the community to join in the fun and learn about racial intelligence and the department’s cultural diversity action plan.
  • COP’s Youth Programs– Engaging the youth in your departments cultural diversity action plan by teaching Emotional intelligence to community youth. Give out stickers
10. How to Become a HOST Agency
become a host site for racial intelligence training
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Who can be a Host?

A host is either a state, local, or campus law enforcement, or corrections agency that:

  • Has a need or interest in one or more of our training programs
  • Has free access to a training room seating a minimum of 35 comfortably
  • Is within 60 miles of a major airport (or additional travel fees may apply)

What is required of the Host site?

  • Must pre-qualify (10) attendees that show interest in attending the class.
  • Will promote the event, in order that the minimum number of seats get filled – Minimums to run class: (10) for Train-the-Trainer, (20) for Leadership
  • On training days – provide coffee, light breakfast, water and refreshments
  • Set up of training room the day before training date, for technical runs

What RITE provides to the Host site?

  • RITE helps market the event, on our EVENTS page and social media pages
  • RITE will create an event flier which the host can distribute by email
  • RITE will create and obtain all registrations on our website
  • RITE will give the host site one FREE seat for every ten paid. (i.e. with 40 paid, host site receives 4 free seats for their department employees)

How to proceed in becoming a Host:

Contact us below, and provide the details of your facility and location, why you’d like to host a Racial Intelligence training, and the dates that work for you (60 or more days from today). 

11. Can RITE send us a SURVEY after the training?

After all of our trainings, we hand out evaluations to get feedback of how our teaching was received. But you (our client) may want your own feedback.

So YES, we can provide you with an online survey that’s simple to complete, and its FREE to you! Just email us at training@riteacademy.com to request your personalized survey.

12. Videos and Testimonials

RITE training 4 videosCLICK the image to see videos from our leadership and instructor Training classes. These videos were not rehersed or canned, as these are voluntary testimonials taken after the class ended.

You’ll also find great motivational videos from #WhyIWearTheBadge, Steve Jobs and others. Videos inspire us, Feel free to share them with your family and agency.

13. List of REFERENCES

We are happy to share some of our many references with you. These folks have gone thru our Executive Leadership, Train-the-Trainer, Hosted RITE, or all of the above.

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