Att. RITE Certified Instructors

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Getting materials to teach RITE, is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Click Order form: Order required *RITE Tool Kits for each student and enough HANDBOOKS for students in class, that can be left for the next class.  See photos below of items that make learning fun and memorable! [ORDER Form]
  2. Choose payment: Credit card or Purchase order (orders ship once payment is received)
  3. Submit Order: Receive confirmation of your order

RITE TOOL KITS are a key part of the EI and SI learning, de-escalation communication, officer accountability, and stress management. *Each student is required to have their own Tool Kit, with the lessons you teach from the RITE Handbook and instructor power point. RITE Take-home tools are what make RITE training not a one-and-done.

Orders must be placed at least 30 days prior to your training date to insure timely delivery.


Product Materials Used in Class



Training Surveys

Let us know when you complete your agency training, We’ll send you a FREE survey to gather data. Surveys create an unbiased approach to training efficacy, and give you immediate feedback from students in your RITE class. These are online, anonymous (10) questions surveys.


Become a RITE Team Trainer

Team Trainers must complete three stages:

  1. Take the 2-day RITE Train-the-Trainer Program (only taught by RITE founders)
  2. Teach RITE Classes to your designated agency – Must teach a minimum of 3 classes
  3. Get your RITE post-training surveys completed by your students – Must receive an 80% or above approval rating

Learn more about becoming a RITE Team Trainer


If you haven’t had RITE Training…

CLICK HERE to learn more about the course and how to get certified. Want to see where our next training is, or are you are ready to sign up for our next training? Go to our EVENTS page.- Teaching


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Published Books HERE

  • The Athletic Mindset – 3 Tools for Success by Randy Friedman and Linda Webb
  • Your Inner Swing – 7 Lessons in Golf and Life! by Randy Friedman
  • Racial Intelligence – 6 Lessons by Randy Friedman and Linda Web