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RITE Training for NFL Players & Coalition: JAN 26, 2018 (Orlando, FL)

January 26, 2018 @ 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm UTC+0

RITE Academy Training for various NFL Pro Bowl players and members of the Players Coalition will be conducted the Friday before the Pro Bowl in Orlando. This private training is by invitation only, to members of the Players Coalition, NFL Players, NFL Legends, and NFL staff, with a maximum class size of 100. Originally designed for police and corrections departments, RITE Academy has delivered training to multiple government agencies and universities.

NFL Players Coalition have taken proactive measures to improve policing and the communities they serve. RITE Academy teaches with tools that help improve communication and reduce bias-based tension in policing communities. Teaching critical components of both Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI), improves resiliency awareness, as well as personal and professional relationships.


What is the Players Coalition and How did it form?

Malcolm JENKINS: “We started a Players Coalition, and those conversations are happening from player to player, in group settings, conference calls, email blasts, and we are targeting specific areas, too.

We would rather not be demonstrating or protesting. The only reason that we feel it necessary is that guys have been doing work on their own in these areas, whether it be racial justice, social justice, criminal justice reform or civil rights. Athletes have been doing this work for a long time. We just don’t hear about it, and it doesn’t get the same kind of hype. That’s where these demonstrations are useful, because regardless of how you feel about them, they keep that conversation going.

Guys have gone back and forth as to if it is effective or not, or if it’s a distraction, but there is the awful truth that if we just go and do the work silently, it doesn’t get the attention that it needs. So whether you think it is a protest or a demonstration, really, it doesn’t matter. As long as we are keeping these conversations going long enough to redirect some of that attention to the work, to the actual call to action, it’s worth it.”


Anquan BOLDIN: “My cousin’s death was, for me, pretty much a call to action. Seeing what my family was going through, what we are still currently going through at this point.

Trying to get justice in a situation where we felt we had been dealt a raw deal, and not wanting to see anybody else go through that. I saw a lot of other guys in the NFL asking questions: How do I get involved? Where do I start? 

The connection between us has been that we are fighting for the same thing. I saw the demonstrations he had been involved in during the games. I was trying to get guys together who were like-minded. I put out a couple calls to different guys around the league who I knew held this issue near and dear, and then we got together and organized the trip to D.C. to go learn more about the issues that we were facing. We talked to senators and congressmen on both sides of the aisle. We tried to see how we could help. We have been given a platform, and we want to use that platform.”


Leaders talk “What makes RITE Training a great fit for them”

Emotional Intelligence is being aware of our emotions, and to acknowledge that emotions can drive behavior that impacts others (positively and negatively). Social Intelligence is how we effectively navigate and negotiate all social relationships and situations.

RITE Tools, like the Emotional Energy Ladder (in this photo), makes us aware of our emotions, how we affect others, and that only we have the power to make those changes. Racism lives at the bottom of the Ladder with Hate. Bias-free lives at the top of the Ladder with Love, Gratitude and Joy.

Great leadership starts with doing the RITE thing, in order to help others do the same.

Racial Intelligence is: “The practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI), Social Intelligence (SI) and the RITE Tools to treat ourselves and others fairly.”

Goals and Objectives:

  • Learning how to use EI and SI tools that go beyond DIVERSITY and Inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness – Making the connection
  • De-escalation communication awareness – The 3-EI approach
  • Improving Employee Wellness – Communication Keys to Resiliency
  • Working with Implicit bias, PTSD, and Stress-related issues
  • Building Community Inclusion and Trust – Working with community leaders using RITE Training


RITE in the Media:

Middletown officers train in Racial Intelligence – Fox 19 News
Racial Intelligence Training For Local Police – WVXU Radio Interview
Police officers learning how to deal with their own emotions – NBC 5
Police Departments can get Positive Press Coverage www.goo.gl/UeMaHx – (TV Interview)


RITE Articles:

Officers Police themselves back up LADDER https://goo.gl/VBRdjm
Racial Intelligence Training at Notre Dame College www.goo.gl/bGOKJX
Community Policing is climbing above the burden of Hate www.goo.gl/DG6sSI –


Daily Agenda

2:30                       Meet and Greet
2:45 – 4:15 pm     RITE session
4:15 – end             Questions session


Training Location

Walt Disney World

ESPN Wide World of Sports


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