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Professional Workplace Culture – Hudson County Corrections – OCT 5-9, 2020 (Newark, NJ)

October 5, 2020 - October 9, 2020

hudson county corrections

Information about this RITE Training

RITE Professional Workplace Training is by invitation only for Hudson County Department of Corrections including personnel from:

  • Executive staff
  • Management staff
  • Sergeants, Officers, and Support Staff

See contact information below.

RITE is for ALL in Public Service… 

FDC Corrections leaders from different parts of the state learn about the Ladder of Emotions and how EVERYONE can benefit from RITE Training.”



RITE Professional Workplace Training

Teaching critical components of both Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI), improves resiliency awareness, as well as personal and professional communication and relationships.

Emotional Intelligence is being aware of our emotions, and to acknowledge that emotions can drive behavior that impacts others (positively and negatively). Social Intelligence is how we effectively navigate and negotiate all social relationships and situations.

RITE Tools, like the Emotional Energy Ladder (in this photo), makes us aware of our emotions, how we affect others, and that only we have the power to make those changes.


Anger, Hate, and Blame, lives at the bottom of the Ladder. Although we all can feel those emotions during our day, learning how to control them, is key to great leadership. Bias-free engagement, lives at the top of the Ladder with Love, Gratitude, Joy, and Confidence.


A professional and safe workplace culture, free of all types of harassment starts with doing the RITE thing, and helping others do the same. Improved communication starts here.

Racial Intelligence is: “The practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI), Social Intelligence (SI) and the RITE Tools to treat ourselves and others fairly.”


What is Professional Workplace Training?

Nationally taught and recognized in creating a bias-free, harassment-free workplace, we understand the day-to-day pressures of today’s public service professional. Our approach is unique and the training is not only educational, it’s fun and engaging. Reinforcing company values of having a professional workplace culture is not just for some, but for all employees.

Each class includes Emotional Intelligence Tools everyone will learn from, and use in class with each other. These are designed to share with loved ones at home, and at work well after we are gone. This is not your typical, ‘one-and-done’ check-the-box training… RITE Training helps you create changes.


Workplace Culture Breakdowns include:

  • Unprofessional Behavior
  • Elements of Entitlement
  • Mental Looping and Negative Banter
  • Implicit Bias and Hot Buttons
  • Rumors and Gossip


RITE helps to reinforce the company culture of treating everyone fairly, in a professional manner. Learning to Value others, is key to building a professional workplace culture, that will be passed on for years to come.



RITE in the Media: 

TEDx on RITE – Use of Voice not Force by Sgt Jones
CBS 8 Selma, Alabama DOC – the missing link to officer training
Fox 19 News – Middletown officers train in Racial Intelligence

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RITE Articles: 

Policing is affected by Officer Implicit Issues – Article Link
6 Signs a Bully is causing your Workplace Harassment Issues Article Link
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Training Site

Hudson County Department of Corrections
30-35 South Hackensack Ave.
Kearny, NJ 07032



Paul Abal
Hudson County Department of Corrections
30-35 South Hackensack Ave.
Kearny, NJ 07032


About Hudson County Department of Corrections

The history of the Hudson County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation dates back to 1845, when a small stone jail house was constructed on a plot of land adjacent to the first Hudson County Court House. The jail was a three-story building containing “eight close cells and three-day cells, with suitable apartments for the jailer.” By 1870, a new Hudson County Penitentiary capable of housing 180 inmates was built at Snake Hill, at the southern end of what is now Secaucus.

Read more about Hudson County Department of Corrections
Our Department is committed to expanding the notion of corrections beyond simple incarceration to include education, community outreach, at-home confinement, work-release, adequate support and counseling. Our aim is to more effectively address the substantial underlying problems that lead to recidivism – chronic unemployment, drug addiction, and lack of healthcare access to deal with issues like mental illness and other chronic health issues. Link to more…




Hudson County Department of Corrections
30-35 South Hackensack Ave.,
Kearny, 07032 United States
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