Community Policing is affected by Officer Implicit Bias and Implicit Issues

Do you have employees who show up to work angry? 

It may be because they are bringing into the work environment their own issues. Those same angry employees may be harboring Implicit Issues (those they are unaware of), that could be causing a negative impact in your department and the community.


Implicit Issues are things that are hidden inside of us that affect us externally. These hidden events may have occurred in our childhood, or a previous traumatic event. Implicit Issues can have a direct impact on how we observe, judge, and interact with others in our daily life.


Implicit Issues can be caused by:

  1. Abusive or Neglected Parents
  2. Children of Addictive Parents (Alcoholism, Drugs, or Eating Disorder)
  3. Disruptive family or bad relationships (divorce or separation)
  4. Sudden death in the family
  5. Traumatic Accident or Event that lead to PTSD
  6. Racial Intolerance and Racism
  7. Victim of Bullying
  8. Financial Stress (credit card debt, bankruptcy)


Bringing Implicit Issues from our past into the workplace can be problematic for the individual, the department, and the community… especially if not addressed immediately.

Police executives typically will know employees in their department that have Implicit Issues. Many choose to avoid confrontation, or simply acknowledge it doesn’t exist, when in actuality many others are aware of the problem.


It may be time to acknowledge employees who:

  1. Display Anger or appear mad, more often than not
  2. Complain, complain, complain (about everything)
  3. Voice negative banter in the workplace
  4. Spread rumors and cause discord amongst co-workers
  5. Receive numerous complaints from co-workers
  6. Brag and Boast (sense of Entitlement)
  7. Have multiple un-necessary excessive use-of-force incidents
  8. Lack empathy towards others
  9. Blame others for their actions

Implicit Issues play as active role in police misconduct, but is seldom addressed… until its too late!


Coming next… a short youtube video, addressing Implicit Issues in order to improve the person, and workplace performance.



In the meantime, here’s one Pixar did on ANGER


Professional Workplace Culture Training

In today’s policing, police executives are starting to address Implicit Issues more and more, as part of their Professional Workplace Culture Training.  This builds department morale, and breaks down barriers for improved community policing.

RITE Academy provides Professional Workplace Culture Training that includes take away tools given to every student to address their Implicit Issues. These RITE take away tools provide an accountability needed to reinforce the professional workplace culture, that you as the police executive, can expect within your agency.  Be proactive, and help your co-workers address their Implicit Issues while lessening your department chances of a bad police misconduct event.



About RITE Officer Training –  It starts with helping officers communicate with themselves, and the community more effectively, with Value. The RITE Ladder Tool teaches EI & SI that builds Career resiliency, improves Department morale, helps Professional workplace culture and reduces police misconduct while mitigating risk.

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