Sheriff walks the walk towards Racial Equity and Intelligence Training for the County

In light of Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate the pro-active public service agencies that have put racial equity and intelligence training at the front of the class. Broward Sheriff walks the walk towards Racial Equity and Intelligence Training for the County, and the surrounding agencies reap the benefits.


Broward County Florida – Sheriff Gregory Tony, is a leader in ‘stepping up’ their racial equity plan. They are paying for all public safety (Police, Fire, Corrections) in Broward county to receive Racial Intelligence Training and the tools that accompany the training. Listen below to what he says…

Broward Sheriff’s Office has taken progressive steps in the right direction with racial equity, creating police reform that benefits his officers and the community. ~ Linda Webb, CEO of RITE


RITE BSO_Sheriff TonySheriff Tony leads the charge so that every public safety employee, police, fire and corrections will get the RITE training in Broward County. This included the training of the departments in-house Trainers as well as paying for all the RITE Accountability Tools for every public safety employee. 


The RITE Tools help every employee work on their own emotions, and behaviors, while addressing personal bias’s (Hot Buttons). Command staff love the Tools, as these serve as ‘accountability’ measures for each employee. Employees are now accountable for their actions… in the agency, on the street, with the community, and even when posting on social media.


RITE’s simple 3-prong approach is powerful!

  1. Improve all officer wellness
  2. Build department morale
  3. Increase the ‘Value-connection’ in the community (adding empathy communication)


Implementing a Racial Equity Plan doesn’t just mean having a plan, but executing that plan all the way throughout the agency and community. Taking BOLD STEPS to make sure every public safety employee receives Racial Intelligence Training is critical foundation of a Racial Equity Plan.


Stepping Up with Racial Equity

What is your agency doing to help improve employee accountability, job commitment, and a pledge that treats everyone fairly, regardless of the challenge and controversy in their personal or professional life.


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”      ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


RITE feel connect valueWe cannot build community value, until we are willing to build a higher professional work culture within the department inclusive of ALL public service personnel.


One big problem in policing (and all in public service) is an unwillingness to embrace change, address toxic employees, and establish a higher standard for professional workplace culture within the agency.


“No place for Courageous Cowards”

Sheriff Tony took time to address the RITE Trainers in last week’s racial intelligence class. He said we must have zero-tolerance for any racial bias whether it’s inside the agency, or outside in the community.


He said there’s no room in any public safety department for “Courageous Cowards” if we want to be bias-free that affords racial justice for all individuals. True bravery is ferreting out and turning in any toxic employee who does not carry out an agency’s values, ethics and canons.


“Courage is an inner resolution to go forward despite obstacles; Cowardice is submissive surrender to circumstances.” ~MLK


If you want to have a Racial Equity Plan entrenched throughout your public safety department and community, you must take BRAVE DISCIPLINED MEASURES to make sure you are ferreting out those toxic employees inside the agency who do not treat everyone fairly, and with respect.

There is no room for racial bias, and unprofessional behavior within any public service agency.

Racial Equity in Policing means to pay disciplined attention to race and ethnicity while analyzing problems, looking for solutions, and defining success in all of you policing methodology.


What is Racial Equity?

Racial Equity Policing means reviewing any past lessons learned, then moving forward for continuous improvement inclusive of ‘ALL Community Stakeholders’ that builds VALUE for all inside the agency and out.

True Courage is “Doing the RIGHT thing” all the time, even when no one is watching ~ Randy Friedman, RITE Director of Training.

 “The time is always ripe to do right.” ~MLK

RITE teaches having racial equity means having ‘integrity ownership’ for everyone inside the agency. This means pledging and committing to always treat everyone fairly and to DO-THE-RITE-THING.

RITE Academy LETS do the right thing


As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we encourage every public safety agency to strengthen their Racial Equity Plans, through the use of Racial Intelligence.


5 Facts About Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. skipped two grades in high school, 9th and 11th, and entered college (Morehouse College) at the age of 15 in 1944.
  2. His autopsy revealed that despite being only 39 when he passed away, one of his doctors noted that he had “the heart of a 60 year old”.
  3. Today over 700 streets in the Unites States are named after Martin Luther King Jr. There is one such street in almost every major city.
  4. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech was not his first at the Lincoln Memorial.
  5. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are the only other Americans to have had their birthdays observed as a national holiday (now combined as Presidents Day). Martin Luther King Day 2021

Martin Luther King Jr. inspired the human race to strive for LOVE, Peace and harmony among all people, of all color. His words and dedication to equality continue to inspire generations everywhere.



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