When Policing Value goes Up, Community Complaints go Down

In policing we often pre-judge a police call depending on the type of call that the dispatcher gives to us. Sometimes these calls seem trivial, and less important than others. But for the person in the community who called the police, that ONE CALL is most important to them.


Calls that seem unimportant (to some officers):

  1. Disgruntled Neighbor
  2. Stray Dog in the Neighborhood
  3. Kids playing too loud


“When a police officer slows the call down, takes time to listen and make a person feel valued,  the entire agency and community will reap the benefits.” ~Linda Webb, RITE Academy



3 Elements of Creating Community Value

  1. Accountability for Personal Behavior – Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  2. Connecting with Others – Social Intelligence (SI)
  3. Respect for The Rights, Differences, And Dignity Of Others – Racial Intelligence (RI)


Creating community value on every police call, no matter how basic the call seems, is critical in today’s policing. Most police complaints result from community members who did not feel Valued or Respected. Sometimes they just want the police to listen to their issue.


Creating Community Value is a most basic yet important key, in Policing

Often times, the EI component in policing is missing because we have judged the police call as trivial, de-valuing the problem in that moment. If the community doesn’t feel VALUED, the disconnect between the police and community is created.


Creating community value, starts with the individual addressing their own behavior with Emotional Intelligence. More departments are now seeing the Value in conducting Professional Workplace Culture Training for their entire department which includes how Emotional Intelligence effect everyone in the department. Including your officers, dispatchers, leaders and non-sworn in this training is key to creating cultural changes, as everyone represents the agency,


Make the Community connection in your agency using the image below to FEEL – CONNECT – VALUE

feel connect value




RITE Training class EI SIAbout RITE Officer Training –  It starts with helping officers communicate with themselves, and others more effectively. The RITE Ladder Tool teaches EI & SI that builds Career resiliency, improves Department morale, helps Professional workplace culture and reduces police misconduct while mitigating risk.

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