Police RESPECT Reaches Highest Level Since 1967

76% of Americans Have Great Respect for Police – (Gallup 2016)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Three in four Americans say they have “a great deal” of respect for the police in their area, up 12 percentage points from last year.

Gallup has asked this question nine times since 1965. Those who say they respect the police is higher now than in any measurement taken since the 1990s and is just one point below the high of 77% recorded in 1967.

Even with the sharp increase we are seeing in respect for law enforcement, many police say they feel they are on the defensive — both politically and for their lives while they are on duty.

RITE Academy racial intelligence responseWe need to continue to work at improving that public perception as reality, with continued training. RITE Academy’s Racial Intelligence Training is committed to:

Racial Intelligence looks at cultural diversity thru a new lens that improves officer’s implicit bias and internal communication. Teaching tools and techniques that improve the officer’s communication on the front line, to de-escalate situations (when ever possible) is step one. This helps create an awareness of how we affect others, and that we (individually) have the power to make internal changes.

Every training includes learning how to:

  1. Empower the Officer: Emotional Intelligence Tools for Resiliency and De-escalation; to use personally and professionally
  2. Improve the Department: Social Intelligence helps with Recruiting, Improve morale, and Accountability
  3. Build the Community Relations: Enhance public trust

RITE Training helps law and corrections agencies improve communication to avoid the Block-out Syndrome, to De-escalate situations, build Career resiliency, Leadership skills, and Departmental recruiting. See our EVENTS page for a training near you, or become a Host site!

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