Life Lesson: School Resource Officer Mitch, Impacts Students beyond Belief

If you’re a police department or sheriff’s office…

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  • Show your family, why you DO what you Do
  • Keep doing like Officer Mitch… making a difference for others


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Being an officer means…

It’s not just about taking down the bad guys, it’s also about bringing up the good and creating positive change for others. Spread Love, Gratitude, and Joy every chance you get. We can all learn from Officer Mitch!

Student resource officer Mitch Brouillette does his job best by making sure the students at Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA, are having their best day possible. He’s there to not only protect the teens at the school, but to support them and step in when they need some advice.

When asked about his job, Brouillette replied, “I believe there’s good in everybody. I try to just get them to see it. These kids are unbelievable.”

When you feel Love, Gratitude and Joy  (top of the RITE Ladder), it’s easy to share it with others, and pass it on. These students clearly have Love and appreciation for Officer Mitch and his daily efforts to make a difference. They chose to work together and create a thank you video that is sure to touch your heart and inspire your officers.

Helping others live at the Top of their Ladder takes caring and sharing. Show them you care by sharing this with your department and your family.


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4 thoughts on “Life Lesson: School Resource Officer Mitch, Impacts Students beyond Belief”

  1. Officer Mich,
    I’m presently a Commander in Dallas, Texas I am retired NYPD.
    This has to be one of the best videos I have ever watched in my career.
    Great job, thanks for representing the rest of us out here, your a role model for the kids and your brothers and sisters.
    Great Job!

    • Indeed Joseph, we loved sharing how Officer Mitch has impacted others. Thanks for sharing your comments and for you many years of service!

  2. Congrats to Officer Mitch

    I have been a School Resource Officer, Corrections, Patrol and am now a Detective. Been doing this for 32 1/2 years and the felling of helping someone is always fantastic. But when you do it for the multitude you have done is beyond outstanding. Thank you for representing what Police and Law Enforcement Officers are all about.

    Detective Jeff Reed
    Franklin County Sheriff’s Office – Columbus, Ohio

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