Justice department updates use-of-force with affirmative duty-to-intervene

This week the DOJ (Department of Justice) updated its Use-of-Force Policy that had not been done since 2004. Some of the take-aways from this update include

  1. Affirmative Duty-to-Intervene
  2. Annual Training on Use-of-Force to include de-escalation communication
  3. Use-of-Force only when objectively reasonable to effectively gain control of an incident
  4. Other factors include severity of crime and does suspect pose immediate threat
  5. To report misconduct that builds public trust

DOJ office of attorney general letter


In honor of the 2nd anniversary of George Floyd’s death, President Biden has signed the George Floyd Policing Executive Order. This order is set to endorse the Department of Justice Use-of-Force Policy. This emphasizes the need for more training in verbal de-escalation communication with Emotional Intelligence as well as the importance of affirmation duty-to-intervene where necessary.


“This is a call to action based on a basic truth: public trust, as any cop will tell you, is the foundation of public safety. Without trust, the population doesn’t contribute, doesn’t cooperate.”


Department of Justice will provide grant funding:  DEADLINE JUNE 23, 2022

DOJ training grants


Affirmative duty-to-intervene
program should include:

  1. Professional Workplace Culture Standards and Guidelines duty intervene professional workplace
  2. Training to include Verbal De-escalation Communication Training
  3. Affirmative Duty-to-Intervene Policy
  4. Strong EDI Guidelines collectively showing you treat everyone with fairness and respect.

14 Million Dollars in Funding


RITE Academy provides all the necessary training, and cognitive imprint tools for the COP’s Grant. RITE Sole source letter available upon request. See contact below.



RITE Academy Professional Workplace Culture Stats

  1. Taught over 950 agencies (police, fire, 911, doc)
  2. Certified over 630 RITE train-the-trainers
  3. Gave out more than 550,000 RITE Tools for employees
  4. Provided over 100 newsletters for agencies to give to their employees
  5. Helped agencies reduce their use-of-force incidents by 65% with Affirmative Duty-to-Intervene Training
  6. Educated local governments, state, and federal representative on public safety reform
  7. Established EDI Professional Workplace Culture Training dedicated to Public Safety that includes de-escalation communication with Emotional Intelligence.


About RITE

At RITE Academy provide training to fire, police, EMS, 911 operators and corrections officers. EDI and EI Tools and Exercises help each person personally control their emotions. It’s a huge Ah-ha when you finally ‘wake up’ and realize that you have been holding yourself back.

With every class receives these Cognitive Imprint Tools, the LADDER, Stop-Light, and NEW DAY Tools and Banners are included in the training, and left behind for the agency to use. RITE is not a one and done class!



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