EDI with Emotional Intelligence adds Value to Public Service

The death of George Floyd in May of 2020 influenced a call to action for many changes in policing, as well as police training. Training on Emotional Intelligence, Racial equity, and Implicit bias (to name a few), became apparent.

EDI was introduced as one of the newest forms of needed training in professions that deal with the public, and became a priority in law enforcement. Learning EI (Emotional Intelligence), helps agencies blend the value of EDI.

“What brings a community together is the EDI Value Connection we all need to share.”


Incorporating an Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) program benefits the entire organization as well as the community. Creating EDI Valued Connections are the threads that bind our community together to build much needed TRUST.


EDI Terminology:

E quity is being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality takes difference into account to ensure a fair process and a fair outcome for all.

Diversity is including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, different genders, sexual orientations, etc.

Inclusion means people can come to work, feeling comfortable, confident to be themselves, feeling valued.


Officer Wellness, increases the health, well-being, and mindfulness, of everyone inside the organization. Emotional Intelligence (EI) helps build better EDI relationships inside the agency, and out.

Set up New EDI Guidelines

Establishing an EDI Professional Workplace is critical for every agency, as it sets a standard that says, “everyone here is treated fairly, with respect, and professionalism.”

Creating that EDI Valued Connection with everyone you come into contact means having the ability to see the VALUE in everyone, no matter the differences between you.


EDI + EI means more calls to De-escalate

In public service the more every employee uses an EDI mindset the less Escalated public service calls your organization will have. This helps in building TRUST in your community.

EDI (Equity Diversity & Inclusion) + EI (Emotional Intelligence) gives insight to de-escalate the situation, instead of throwing fuel on the fire. EDI + EI are keys to improving public service.

In public service, we can ‘de-value’ ourselves because of the countless days, hours, and years we work to help others. Continued support, education, and training, must be a part of every agency’s officer wellness practices.

“I can’t treat others with equity without knowing myself. Emotional Intelligence helps me understand me, so I can better serve others.” 


(3) steps that create an EDI Valued Connection

  1. Equity and Officer Value – Build Officer Wellness with Training on Emotional Intelligence that establishes fairness for all.
  2. Diversity to Build Department Morale – Establish an EDI Professional Workplace Culture Program that encourages diversity.
  3. Inclusion and Community Trust – Including an EDI Valued Connection between your department employees and the community.


busy 911 call center

When the 911 operator is holding a lot of calls in the field, we, as the public servant, may feel rushed to quickly  move onto another call. Failing to establish a ‘valued connection’ with that community member can create distrust. That community member may even feel  that public servant doesn’t care.

When the officer slows the call down, and takes time to listen, this adds VALUE to the situation. The agency and community will reap the benefits.


Taking your TIME can be a public servant’s greatest asset when trying build that ‘EDI Valued Connection’ inside the agency with co-workers, and in the community. When we take time to build common threads, (i.e. empathy communication), we can look for that valued connection with others which ultimately builds trust.

  • Emotional Intelligence Vital Signs for Building EDI Value in Yourself
  • Emotional Self-Awareness – Knowing your own emotions in the moment
  • Behavior Self- Control – Creating space-of-mind in order to make better decisions

Understanding you own emotions and valuing yourself can help you have a long-lasting career, and it may even save your career during an escalated situation,

(Here’s a Hint: Take-a-breath and create a better space-of-mind).


Professional Workplace breakdown

Officers lose their own value with unprofessional workplace like:

  1. Toxic co-workers spreading rumors and gossip, and negative banter.
  2. Failure to Duty-to-Intervene due to being afraid of retaliation.
  3. Allowing officers to display Entitlement Complex…. ‘It’s all about ME’
  4. Workplace Bullies  
  5. Improper Social Media Posting
  6. No peer support or openness for professional counseling

More departments are now seeing the Value in conducting EDI Professional Workplace Culture Training for their entire department which includes Employee Wellness Training on Emotional Intelligence.



RITE classes provide EDI Cognitive Imprint Tools like the RITE Awareness Ladder so that all employees can check in with their emotions throughout the day. These RITE Tools have been lifesaving for many agencies throughout the United States. When agencies invest in the wellness of their employees… they are saying… we care about YOU!


RITE EDI Formula

  1. Accountability for Personal Behavior – Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  2. Connecting with Others – Social Intelligence (SI)
  3. Respect for The Rights, Differences, And Dignity of Others Racial Intelligence (RI)


Finding the EDI Valued Connection!

Often, the Emotional Intelligence (EI) component in public service is missing because we sometimes can judge the call as trivial, de-valuing the problem in that moment. If the community doesn’t feel VALUED, the disconnect between the public servant and community member is created.

RITE feel connect value

Creating community value, starts with every employee addressing their own behavior with Emotional Intelligence by not judging the call. The public servant can be a conscious observer of the differences amongst all parties involved but have a willingness to establish an EDI Valued Connection where all parties are treated fairly.


Officer Wellness, increases the health, well-being, and mindfulness, of everyone inside the organization. Emotional Intelligence (EI) helps build better EDI relationships inside the agency, and out.

RITE Academy Stats

  1. Trained 950+ agencies on Professional Workplace Culture
  2. Created over 930 RITE train-the-trainers
  3. Gave out more than 550,000 RITE Tools for employees
  4. Provided over 100 newsletters for agencies to give to their employees
  5. Helped agencies reduce their use-of-force incidents by 65%
  6. Educated local governments, state, and federal representative on public safety reform



At RITE Academy provide training to fire, police, EMS, 911 operators and corrections officers. EDI and EI Tools and Exercises help each person personally control their emotions. It’s a huge Ah-ha when you finally ‘wake up’ and realize that you have been holding yourself back.


With every class, the LADDER, Stop-Light, and NEW DAY Tools and Banners are included in the training, and left behind for the agency to use. RITE is not a one and done class!

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