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RITE Academy, a global provider of Racial Intelligence™ employee training services, is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC). This certification affirms that RITE Academy is a woman–owned, operated, and controlled business, supporting diversity in business and the workforce.

The RITE Academy Team has over 80 years teaching and coaching leadership, performance management, cultural diversity, diversity and inclusion, emotional and social intelligence training, and procurement management. We work with corporations, public service professionals, military, and government entities.

RITE Academy was initially formed to improve cultural sensitivity between police, local governments, and the community for which they serve. RITE Academy has over 200 clients across the USA with over 25 professional consultants ready to help fulfill your training needs.

Professional Training and Specialized Sensitive Investigations

RITE Academy – Harassment Investigation

RITE Academy provides professional investigations in handling of sensitive matters, like sexual harassment, and work-place assault. As part of our investigative mission we provide quality, factual, accurate, and timely investigative reporting. We have handled over 900 diversified investigations internationally, with over 30 years of experience. We have handled high level investigative matters, involving high-end media exposure involving top level corporate executives, Board of Directors and government officials. RITE Academy with sign and comply with non-disclosure agreements.

RITE Academy utilizes subcontractors specifically limited to international use only, or if special language requirements are needed through its other DBA entity, Risk Integrity Management LLC.

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1. Racial Intelligence Training & Engagement - RITE

This course was designed specifically for public service professionals, government, and military, who are engaged with handling high pressure situations. This course was specifically designed to incorporate cultural sensitivity, de-escalation techniques, and improved communication engagement.

The course formula is

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) – the Officer or Employee +
  • Social Intelligence (SI) – Engagement with others =
  • Racial Intelligence (RI) – Positive communication to ourselves and those we engage with

This course is very effective, because it expands the person’s communication abilities, to better engage with others. The six competencies incorporated into the course are:

  1. Emotional Awareness
  2. Behavioral Self Control
  3. Ethics and Integrity
  4. Situational Awareness
  5. Empathy Communication
  6. Conflict Management

Anyone employed in the public service profession, would find multiple benefits in taking this course.  

2. Non-Combative De-escalation Communication Training - NCDC

This RITE program is dedicated to our public service professionals and military personnel who handle the day-to-day pressures of combative engagement, and who handle horrific incidents. We teach handling one’s self during potential lethal situations, using non-lethal methods. The goal is to de-escalate situations where possible, providing better outcomes.

Officers will learn how to connect and communicate during high impact combative engagement using Emotional Intelligence Awareness and Social Intelligence engagement. Controlling your emotions during a very stressful event, like combative engagement, is key to achieving better results, as well as saving lives. Officers will learn how to handle emotions after traumatic events lessening the effects of PTSD, learning how to release negative traumatic events through behavioral self-control techniques. (RITE’s Mindfulness Techniques – RMT)

NCDC Training is critical in high stress situations, where split-second decisions are made. One must know how to assess the situation quickly (using space-of-mind techniques), control their emotions, and proceed forward towards the best outcome.

Part of this course is understanding the effects of unconscious (Implicit) bias, influence on present judgements, past engagements (good and bad), childhood experiences, cultural influences, self-perpetuating biases, and stereo-typing, as all can affect the outcome of a heightened situation.

PTSD influences with repetitive engagement in stressful situations (especially combative situations) can form bias-based behavior. Unconscious bias-based influence can hinder as well as escalate a situation. RITE Academy focuses on how to achieve better outcomes, de-escalate situations, as well as become aware of when bias influences (implicit and explicit) are impacting the situation through emotional awareness training.

Our RITE Training is designed to look at combative engagement thru a new lens, understanding how implicit bias and continued repetitive combative events can affect performance and decision making. Emotional Intelligence helps identify negative emotions in the present moment, how to control bad behaviors, improve communication, and how to de-escalate high-pressure situations where possible. 

3. Stress Prevention Training - SPT

Demanding everyday pressures (work, family, health, financial) can cause high levels of stress. With long periods of any stress, we can exceed our ability to cope, causing physical and emotional breakdowns. Experiencing frequent illness, mood swings, high blood pressure, headaches and back aches is not uncommon with continued stress. Inability to handle stress can cause lost work days, failure to perform, and can even lead to suicide.

SPT takes stress prevention training to a whole new level of awareness, as we focus on helping the individual through Emotional Intelligence (EI). Mindful-based stress reduction takes personal awareness and then practice.

What makes SPT successful are the take-away tools students work with and take home after the class. The RITE Mindful take away tools will become your go-to friend when faced with a stressful situation.

To consciously and systematically work on reducing ones own stress is the key to career resiliency. We help you stay focused on what is important to you, by understanding your “WHY”. We teach you how to recognize the warning signs of stressful reactions, when to slow down and most important how to PIVOT so you can get back on track with what is important. Mindful awareness provides clarity of what is important to you, understanding that you have many choices, and options to choose from, and then pivoting to finding the best solution.

Often, we act too quickly before looking at the whole picture. Part of this mindfulness SPT training is creating space of mind using all your sensory abilities, then reacting in a calmer state. We combine both Emotional Intelligence (You) and Social Intelligence (Others), for you to look at the whole picture, before making the right conscious decision that best fits your needs.

SPT training brings about a more inner piece, even when the outside world is spiraling out of control around you. You will obtain more contentment within yourself, treat others more fairly, and have a heightened appreciation for life. 

4. Use of Force Remediation Training - UFRT

UFRT was designed specifically for public service professionals, government, and military, who are engaged with handling high pressure situations. This course is designed to provide remediation follow up training after a use-of-force incident, or combination of multiple use-of-force incidents.

UFRT specifically looks at use-of-force incidents and works through them. We help the agency reinforce the company’s initiatives in proper use-of-force engagement using Racial Intelligence. Emotional and Social Intelligence engagement skills help the employee move forward, improving career resiliency. Accountability initiatives are then put in place to reduce future use-of-force incidents.

After the course, we provide one-on-one mental coaching sessions, if needed, as well as one-on-one sessions with in-house tactical trainers through training consultations.

5. Cultural Sensitivity Training - CST

CST starts with each employee, working on Emotional Intelligence skill-building. Highlighted in this course, is identifying each person’s implicit and explicit bias. We address sensitive work environment situations that can cause sexual harassment, and cultural insensitivity. CST includes (3) core components of social intelligence engagement in the work place.

CST Coaching

We also work individually through coaching, per group sessions, and a teaching course incorporating class engagement scenarios that are fun, and impactful. This cultural diversity course imparts racial bias in a new light by helping the student help themselves, personally and professionally. When we feel better about ourselves, we will treat others more fairly in the work environment.

Exclusive Tools

Take-away tools are provided for everyone to use in the class and take with them (beyond class) to work on themselves. We can also work one-on-one with in-house personnel to build a pro-active model, or addressing a reactive situation that has already occurred within the organization. Our consultants are highly skilled in working with in-house leaders in building a remediation plan where there may have been negative media exposure.

6. Emotional Intelligence Training - EIT

Emotional Intelligence Training (EIT) helps your employee on a personal level. When the person develops personally, they thrive professionally. EI Training highlights three core competencies of human behavior.

Awareness of one’s emotions, the highs and the lows, is critical to achieving personal success. Improving performance at work, a happier and fulfilling family life, while strengthening personal core values and work success. We provide each class participate a take-away tool, and daily exercises that they can work on themselves after the class.

7. Social Intelligence Training - SIT

The SIT course is typically taught after the Emotional Intelligence Training Course has been completed. To interact with others better, you must be aware of your own emotions first. Emotional Intelligence Training being completed first, allow SIT to work without a glitch.

This course is helps us engage with others, whether it is at work, or at home. It is how you navigate and negotiate your interaction with others. We incorporate three key competencies of Social Intelligence:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Empathy Communication
  • Conflict Management

This course helps employees navigate their way through each day with less stress, thereby decreasing conflict, and increasing personal performance. We teach how to identify body language of those you engage with, and how to quickly mirror and match (an NLP skill), what you want to achieve in every engagement. We provide take-away tools for each class participant, along with helpful exercises to practice with after the class. Improving situational awareness helps employees achieve the best desired outcome by being able to see the whole picture, and picking the best option. This can successfully be achieved through Social Intelligence Training.

8. De-escalation Communication Training - DCT

DCT is for military and public service professionals in high-level stressful conditions. Our course teaches the person to control their emotions under high-pressure (life threatening) situations.

We use emotional awareness, and behavior self-control techniques to first recognize the employees own emotions first, while developing their space of mind skills to address the threat more efficiently.

The Block-out Syndrome™ is introduced, where the employee only sees their own outcome… which is often not be the best outcome for the company. We teach how to expand situational awareness through controlling emotional intelligence. Students learn how to release negative thoughts (events), that develop post-traumatically throughout the course of a career, and that may have been in their thoughts for a very long time.

Learning how to deal with traumatic engagements is key to this training. We provide co-worker techniques for recognizing Block-out Syndrome™ and how to help each other in high-pressure situations. We provide take away tools and step-by-step exercises on how to recognize when heading towards Block-out Syndrome™. After the course, we provide one-on-one mental coaching sessions, if needed. We can also work one-on-one with in-house tactical trainers through training consultations.

9. Self-Awareness Training - SAT

This course takes behavior modification to a new high, using Emotional Intelligence engagement techniques. Putting the person first, understanding self-worth, having productive and happy life-skills, and defining their personal “why” for self-achievement.

We first address each employees’ well-being through emotional awareness skills and training engagement. We teach them how to immediately address what they are feeling in the moment, and then, when re-engaging with others. It teaches them how disengage in negative behavior within themselves and others (like co-workers). It also teaches them how to treat other’s fairly and be sensitive to cultural difference within the work environment.

This is a personal journey of self-awareness and fulfillment that not only helps themselves but improves their work performance. The class participants can’t wait to share what they have learned with their family, friends, and children. When you improve the person first, you then improve the work environment and then all external engagement with others, (like community). Each person is given exercises that they take with them to work on personally, along with physical take-away tools. After the course, we provide one-on-one mental coaching sessions, if needed.

10. Executive Leadership Training: The WHY to Success - ELT

This course addresses each person’s personal and professional Why. Defining our Why or our purpose in life as well as in the moment is critical to good leadership. This is diving into some of your leaders unchartered waters, but is necessary in helping them to lead others more effectively.

We then take each executive leader on a journey to building their team’s Why. The core component of this course is about understanding what makes individuals tick on the team, and how to set the bar higher to achieve success as a team.

Each class participant is given achievable work exercises all along the way, as well as physical tools to help each leader for themselves improve, while also achieving desired goals within the organization with team commitment. After the course, we provide one-on-one mental coaching sessions, if needed.

11. Performance Improvement Training - PIT

This corporate course is about bringing out the professional “work-athlete” in every person on your team. We take athletic mindset skills, tools, and workbook exercises to help everyone achieve their own personal goals while building company morale.

These team-building exercises are fun, and engaging, and leaves every team member wanting to move the ball down the field. Every class participant receives a motivational book called The Athletic Mindset, a workbook in practice exercises, and take away tools that they will indeed share with their family and friends.

This course is about self-improvement to achieve greater personal success. Imagine getting everyone on your team, going for the GOLD Medal. CEO’s, and corporate executives love this course, and typically request annual retraining of their top executives. This is a high-energy course that will leave you wanting to achieve more, and performing more efficiently and effectively in your daily routine. We have one staff professional athlete and mental coach for one-on-one training if needed.

12. Career Resiliency Training: (3) tools for Success - CRT

CRT is about helping each employee achieve prolonged career resiliency. We provide 3-tools for success in how to achieve their own personal goals, while achieving high standards of work goals.

Learning to handle work-place stress, co-worker engagement, and negative influences that can make work place environments undesirable is all included in CRT.

We teach each employee how to use their own emotional intelligence skills to help improve themselves personally first, and how not to engage in negative or undesirable work situations. Part of the core component of this course is addressing individual feelings through emotional awareness. before engaging with others in the work environment. We provide physical take-away tools and exercises for continual learning and practice.

13. Inter-department Communication Training - ICT

This course’s core component is encompasses communicating by connecting with others. We break down how to connect with others, learning how use interpersonal skills using social intelligence.

We teach employees how to improve and nurture positive influences during daily interaction with co-workers and other departments. Learning how to address negative interaction, how to avoid confrontation, and how to improve cultural sensitivity are key components to ICT.

Our in-class participation exercises are fun and engaging. We also break down the different types of communication and how to improve the communication skills, through in-person interaction, phone conversations, meetings, emails, and off duty engagement. We provide physical take-away tools and exercises for continual learning and practice.

14. Journey To Leadership - JTL

This course is a wonderful journey for all leaders in the class. Filled with high energy, impactful engagement, with positive and enthusiastic training methods that leave employees wanting more.


Each leader leaves with renewed enthusiasm and take-away tools that they are to use continually for 21 days in their journey to leadership skill-building.

21 Day JTL Challenge
Studies have shown, it takes a minimum of 21 days to change a habit. The JTL challenge will develop and boost your leaders established behavioral habits.

Our training core components focuses on the positive leadership skills, while removing older negative behaviors. We teach you how to stay on track to improving your leadership skills, while recognizing what distractions have taken you off track.

JTL helps your leaders stay on the best path to achieving your company’s goals. We address obstacles and challenges and how to catapult leaders over any problem. Leaders learn how to bounce back quickly when they get derailed due to a life-changing event.

Whether justified or unjust, we teach leaders how to excel and bounce back quickly when a desired goal seems to be taking too long, and how to pivot in a new direction if needed. Top CEO’s know how to pivot quickly in order to achieve great success. Incorporated in the training is self-reflection, team building, and on-going leadership exercises.  After the course, we provide one-on-one mental coaching sessions, if needed..

15. Pathway to Effective Leadership - PEL

Finding the best person for the job is not always easy. Often, companies have great employees doing a mediocre job because they are in the wrong position. Great leadership starts with fitting a square peg into a square hole.


The PEL course drills down into each person’s leadership skill-set, learning how to build and improve on each of their interpersonal strengths.

Using Emotional Intelligence and Athletic Mindset skill-building techniques, we provide learning tools for each person to work with after the class. These tools are simple to use and easy to apply in employee’s everyday work and personal routine.

We know that when you improve the person personally, you build a better leader at work. Our BAG Workbook is fun and engaging, providing daily exercises that each employee can use to improve their leadership skills.

One core component of this course is effective communication that connects with each person who reports up the chain. PEL teaches employees how to have those crucial conversations with each of your employees to achieve desired outcomes. After the course, we provide one-on-one mental coaching sessions, if needed.

16. Mindful Intelligence Course - MIC

Imagine having a MICrophone recording every thought that came into your mind, how you feel about yourself, storing the words you say to yourself, and logging how you feel about others? Now play that recording back… What does it say?

“How we quietly speak to ourselves, effects how we outwardly treat others.” – Randy Friedman, RITE Academy Co-founder

The Mindful Intelligence Course (MIC) addresses how we treat ourselves which increases our awareness of how we treat others. Looking at our pre-judgements, implicit bias, and other factors, helps employees personally and professionally, increasing the ability to achieve our best Mindful selves.

MIC helps to create a bias-free environment, while incorporating empathic communication techniques to help everyone feel inclusive. We teach how to avoid Block-Out Syndrome reducing harmful and negative behavior when interacting with others, especially in stressful situations.

We provide each class participate Mindful take-away tools, and daily exercises so employees can work on themselves during and after the class. Our tools have proven results to help the employee personally, and professionally.

17. Sexual Harassment Training- SHT

RITE Academy believes the RITE Approach to any harassment training is first treating everyone fairly and without bias

Our Sexual Harassment Training applies the same techniques we give in our Racial Intelligence training by treating YOU (EI) and Others (SI) in a fair, unbiased, ethical manner (RI). RITE is stopping unprofessional workplace behavior and sexual harassment prevention through its unique and innovative approach in providing every student in the class take-away- tools that they can take home or use at work. In order to improve the workplace culture, you must work on every person within the organization.

Doing the RITE Thing, becomes a company message that says ,”We are a bias-free environment and it’s okay to openly report unprofessional work-place behavior.”


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