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Professional Workplace for TRAINERS @Wayne State University NOV. 2022 (Michigan)

November 8 - November 9

FST5 frontline strong together

RITE and Frontline Strong Together (FST-5) – November 8-9, 2022. (see details below)

FST5 frontline strong together

The Frontline Strong Together Project (FST-5), funded by the State of Michigan, aims to provide resources that offer assistance to first responders focusing on de-escalating tactics, mental health, including alcohol and substance use, along with when and where to get help, resources for mental health treatment; and coping mechanisms for stress and trauma.

This first responder training program will feature trained professionals familiar with specific insight into these issues to offer the best quality of help.

This 2-day RITE Trainer-the-Trainer Class is Open for Registration to ALL Michigan First responders.


RITE’s Train-the-Trainer is nationally recognized in encouraging a bias-free workplace. Our classes include a unique combination of emotional intelligence skill-building, that includes years of research to give your employees a sole-source experience that can not be duplicated.

 “RITE Training benefits ALL in Public Service”



With proven RESULTS that RITE Training decreases use of force, Racial Intelligence combines Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI), which has been successfully used in corporations for years. This helps your department develop a bias-free community.


Definition of Racial Intelligence: “The practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI), Social Intelligence (SI), and the RITE Tools, to treat ourselves and others fairly.” Learn more about EI and SI…


How does the RITE model work?

RITE improves the officer’s communication skills (first), so they can engage more effectively with others. De-escalation techniques, Implicit bias understanding while using EI, empowers the officer with better, more effective decision-making (for themselves and the department). Improved engagement and morale is noticed in the department, and builds Community trust.

Beyond this training helping the first responder to do their job better, RITE benefits the human behind the badge, and how they personally handle stress at home. This huge benefit helps the first responder stay healthy throughout their career, and into retirement.


Trainers will learn the RITE 3-prong approach:

  1. Officer Communication Skills: Emotional Intelligence Tools for Resiliency and De-escalation; to use personally and professionally
  2. Improve the Department: Social Intelligence helps with Bias-free policing, Recruiting, Improve morale, and Accountability
  3. Build the Community Relations: Bias-free policing will Enhance public trust


The 2-Day Training Overview:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI) modules
  • Learn how to control emotions in heightened and pressure situations
  • Implicit and Explicit Bias, Hot-Buttons, and PTS-D
  • Build Racial Equity and Bias-Free Culture throughout the department
  • Professional workplace practices
  • RITE model orientation in police academy recruit training
  • Learn to avoid ‘Block-Out Syndrome’ on 95% of calls
  • Emergency Response to Block Out (Step In, Tap Out, Take Over)
  • De-escalation Communication with Behavioral Self Control
  • Certificate of license to teach RITE in agency
  • Accredited by IADLEST, highest standard of LE training
  • Learn to use and teach all the RITE Tools – Required Tools for all students, are the KEY to RITE Training and departmental accountability
  • Includes RITE Instructor Manual, Trainer Tools, Materials, multiple Power Points, Teaching aids, RITE Instructor Certificate and More!

*RITE suggests departments Register at least *(2) trainers for this class; Two are more effective in rolling it out and will give you the back-up trainer(s) if ever needed.



RITE in the Media: RITE media page

RITE Articles to Learn from and Share: 

Duty to Intervene during Block-out – Article Link
Policing is affected by Officer Implicit Issues – Article Link
6 Signs a Bully is causing your Workplace Harassment Issues Article Link
Professional Workplace Culture is Reducing Police Misconduct – Article Link


Who can attend?

  • Police Trainers
  • Fire Department Trainers
  • Corrections Trainers
  • 911 Dispatch Trainers
  • EMS Trainers

2-Day Agenda:

7:45             Registration and Coffee
8:00 – 11:50 am     Morning session
12:00 – 1:00 pm     Lunch Break
1:00 – 4:00 pm      Afternoon session


Training Location

Wayne State University
Project Manager- Frontline Strong Together
3901 Chrysler Service Drive, Ste.
Detroit, MI 48201


Register Now_rabbit RITE


About Frontline Strong Together Project (FST-5)

The program, Frontline Strong Together (FST-5), will be available to first responders and their families in nearly all of Michigan’s 83 counties this year. The program is being developed and implemented with representatives of the Michigan Professional Firefighters Union, Fraternal Order of Police, Department of Corrections, paramedics and dispatchers.


Offering statewide training programs, hosted by Wayne State University, POAM is calling for its members to serve as peer counselors in their local areas to support and ensure that the quality of care and help is achieved within the FST-5 program.


frontline strong together


Wayne State University
3901 Chrysler Service Drive
Detroit, MI 48201 United States
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