“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –  Mahatma Gandhi

Racial Intelligence and Your Community

We see communities wanting to get involved with their local policing in a proactive, law abiding, racially tolerant way. The majority of officers are protecting and serving their communities with honest, ethical, racially unbiased work. But, it takes one dishonest, unethical, racially insensitive officer to blemish the entire department. Because law enforcement lives under public scrutiny, the indictment of one seems to take down the whole bunch.

RITE Community Affairs is here to help your department in two ways:

1. Pro-Active: We can help your department establish a bond with the community, creating a Forum of community leaders, heads of police, and top government.

2. Re-Active: If you’ve had a racial incident in past 12-24 months, let us help you react in a positive way, bringing the community back to solid ground with law enforcement

When misconduct occurs, Internal Affairs takes over, reassuring the public that the police will address and resolve unethical behavior.

What are Community Forums?

When you want to unify your police force and the community, Community Forums are the RITE way to go. Learn how Racial Intelligence awareness impacts your community. Give your community an opportunity to help bridge the gap. What can your community do, if there is a racial incident? Learn how to diffuse the situation quickly, by working together.

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Why is RITE Community Mobilization for you?

With RITE trained police participants, you can select and train those willing community leaders to facilitate public Racial Intelligence awareness and understanding. Working with your community leaders and influencers will help organize involvement of those most interested in and impacted by intolerance.

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