“Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” –Margaret Mead

Racial Intelligence Community Forums

Goal:  To educate the community on Racial Intelligence, reducing racial insensitivity and intolerance. Uniting Police and the Community through the use of Racial Intelligence.

Who Should Attend:  Mayor, Civic Leaders, Clergy, City Department Heads, and other Community Organizations

The RITE Way Forward

RITE Community forums provide a peaceful environment to increase communication, diminish polarization and rebuild the level of mutual trust that is necessary to move forward.

RITE Community Forums will form a critical mass for change by bringing Law Enforcement staff, community leaders and other key stakeholders together to create opportunities to talk/listen to one another, learn from each others’ experience, establish networks that will lay the foundation for a more powerful Racial Intelligence Community Mobilization campaign. The central elements of RITE interactive community forums include:

Phase I

  • Development of Community Action Plan after working with law enforcement, religious, business, civic and community leaders.
  • Discussing the importance of Racial Intelligence training and application in the transformation of police and public relations.
  • Establishing a framework and time-line for RITE Community Mobilization approach that delineates the types of actions to be carried out, by whom, when, how and with what available resources.

Phase II

  • RITE Community Leadership Workshop
  • Community RITE Pledge
  • RITE Plaque Presentation
  • RITE Forum Build Out with Community Leaders (Building a time-line)
  • (4) RITE Banners to place around City Hall and other Community Centers
  • RITE Awareness Tools for Community Awareness
  • Launch media coverage to highlight activities that demonstrate Law Enforcement and Community’s commitment to Racial Intelligence

With a clear strategy, consistent participation and a mutual commitment to cooperative problem solving, RITE will help to build strong community coalitions and establish a unified voice in support of individual and collective Racial Intelligence. It is the RITE way forward.

“Where do we go from here: Chaos or Community?”    –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thoughts for your community:

  • How Racial Intelligence Awareness impacts your community
  • How can your community help
  • What should your community do, if there is a racial incident:  (How to diffuse the situation?)


The RITE Leadership team is here to help you!

For more informaiton, contact RITE Leader – VP of Community Affairs, Val McLeod