Cities that take a Blind eye to Misconduct, are Sweeping issues under the Rug

Almost daily, we see City Managers and Police Chiefs named in the media. When employees get highlighted in the news for misconduct, harassment, bullying, or excessive use-of-force, the spread of negative press is never good for anyone.

Taking one Blind Eye from misconduct, can Give an entire City a Black-Eye!


Whether there was actual wrong-doing or misconduct, the public’s negative perception of the community, is now the reality . The department’s negative banter and scrutiny, becomes the spotlight and what everyone is now talking about.


Perception is Reality. In order to change external perception, internal department banter and back-biting must change. Awareness is the place to start.”  ~ Randy Friedman


The problem when an incident happens, often times it is posted on social media or a news outlet, prior to the city having the enough time to properly investigate the allegation.


A City in RE-ACTIVE Mode

Bad press is like a knock-out punch, it sends everyone scrambling and back-peddling, trying to defend itself. A tumultuous wave of unanswered questions is now in the public’s view, giving the department a black eye, as the command staff works to defend possible misconduct allegations.


Most agencies are filled with dedicated, brave, compassionate public service professionals, who love their department. Most follow the proper protocols, and adhere to their agencies standard operating procedures, while building trust in their respected communities for whom they serve.


Most agencies know who within their ranks are the unprofessional toxic employees, but instead of addressing the matter, it’s easier to simply take a blind eye. Failure to address toxic behavior, can cost a city millions of dollars in lawsuits.


Toxic employee training

6 Signs of Unprofessional Behavior – Toxic Employees

  1. They tend to escalate everything (meetings, emails, texts)
  2. Problem officers are often canceled for back-up (they make situations worse)
  3. Employee has known ‘Hot Buttons, Displays Bias’s, or is Quick to Judge’
  4. Use of profanity
  5. Negative banter – spreads rumors and gossipRITE crab bucket mentality signs
  6. Crab Bucket Mentality – If they can’t have it, no one can!


Getting into PRO-ACTIVE Mode

Addressing ALL employees with professional workplace culture

  1. Institute department-wide standard operating procedures on professional workplace culture
  2. Conduct in-service training on professional workplace culture
  3. Workplace culture training should include mindfulness techniques with emotional intelligence tools
  4. Incorporate proper protocols for employee behavior within the agencies
  5. Immediately address any display of unprofessional behavior
  6. Diffuse abuse of power, where the toxic employee may arrest public members due to bias-nature, or hot buttons


Harvard holds RITE pro-active training

4 Mindfulness Steps to Changing Anything

  1. Awareness – Immediately let the employee know about what needs to be changes, i.e. bad behavior (Some people do not realize they are angry, and by bringing it to their attention … is the first step)


  1. Care About It – The employee has to care about it, in order to improve the behavior. If the employee chooses not to ‘care about it’ then as a supervisor, you must do what you must do to protect your agency.


  1. Stop and Think – Set up an action plan on how the employee can improve their behavior. (i.e. giving the employee RITE Emotional Intelligence Tools, to work with for 21-day).


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – Get the employee to continually work on improving the behavior, and as a supervisor, be sure to acknowledge when the employee’s behavior is improving.


Failure to address bad behavior and take a ‘blind eye’ to unprofessional workplace culture in toxic employees puts your whole agency at risk.


A few toxic employees can give your entire agency a ‘black-eye’ ~ Linda Webb


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