8th Annual INSTRUCTOR Training Seminar – FL Public Safety Institute, Havana

Police Officers from the SE United States attend this event every year!

The Florida Public Safety Institute is excited to be hosting the 8th Annual Instructor Training Seminar the week of October 9-14, 2016!

Some of the law enforcement training courses will include:

  • One on One Control Tactics,
  • Glock Armorer,
  • Advanced Tactics in Firearms,
  • Vehicle Assaults and Vehicle Rescues,
  • Body language and Deception,
  • Ballistic Shield Live Fire,
  • Pistol and Rifle Skill

There will also be training in leadership development, training scenario development, and advanced presentation skills. There will also be guest speakers and vendors from all over the United States. There will be complimentary meals provided at the Vendor night, BBQ night, and Banquet night. Be sure and take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the 5k run and the NRA shooting competition. This is a great opportunity to train and network with Police trainers from the South Eastern United States.

RITE’s Emotional & Social Intelligence – Learning to Stay Out of Bad Press


One dumb move on the street, can take an entire department down. Don’t let this happen to your agency. RITE Academy combines Emotional and Social Intelligence techniques using unique RITE de-escalation and accountability Tools, that’s never been done before. This lays the groundwork towards positive employee engagement, on and off the streets, keeping negative media attention away. Good training, brings good press.

Goal: To use Emotional and Social de-escalation and accountability Tools that improve officer wellness, enhance department recruitment, and develop community trust.


  • Participants will learn how to reinforce emotional and social conduct on and off the streets
  • Improved documentation that strengthens departmental culture and standards.
  • Learn that Racial Intelligence is: “The practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI) Tools to treat ourselves and others fairly.”

Who will Benefit: Officers in law enforcement, corrections, and highway patrol will benefit in three areas:

  1. On the street (engaging with the public),
  2. In the department (with piers),
  3. At home (engaging with family, friends, and improving personal health and wellness).

This 2-hour course is an introduction to RITE Trainings: Executive Leadership and First-line Supervisor (6-hour course), RITE Train-the-Trainer (2-day course), and the 4-hour Racial Intelligence for Officer Wellness. Each participant will walk away from this session with new insight on improving their own lives, professionally and personally.

RITE PRESENTATION – Location, Date, Time:

  • Conference Center C
  • Thursday October 13
  • 10am – 12pm
WHAT: 8th Annual Instructor Training Seminar – FL Public Safety Institute
WHEN: Sunday, October 09, 2016 – Friday, October 14, 2016
COST: $150 (Includes RITE Presentation and ALL seminars)
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