White House Responds to Racial Intelligence Training for Law Enforcement and 21st Century Policing

Linda Webb, President and Co-Founder of RITE Academy contacted POTUS on how Racial Intelligence Training is making a difference for law enforcement. HERE is the response letter (saved to pdf) from President Obama, in its entirety.

white house responds to racial intelligence“Law enforcement officials have incredibly difficult jobs and put their lives at risk to protect us.  And they are most effective when people have confidence in the system.  That is why my Administration is working to enhance community policing, and also to strengthen trust and accountability between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.

We will take concrete steps to implement the commonsense, pragmatic recommendations my Task Force on 21st Century Policing put forward last year—based on input from criminal justice experts, community leaders, law enforcement personnel, and civil liberties advocates.”

We agree that better community policing, and building a bond of trust between officers and the communities they serve, is needed. In the 21st Century Policing Implementation Guide, there are 6 Pillars the Task Force created to help departments create an action plan, and roll out to their officers. These 6 Pillars are:

  1. Building Trust and Legitimacy,Policy and Oversight
  2. Technology and Social Media
  3. Community Policing and Crime Reduction
  4. Training and Education
  5. Officer Wellness and Safety

Ms. Webb wanted the White House to know, that our programs take the guess work out for departments to create, and deliver a training that will better their officers, their department, and build community trust. We created a much needed NEW cultural diversity officer wellness program, that teaches a 3-prong approach:

  1. Improve Officer Wellness
  2. Build department morale
  3. Enhance community policing and trust

Agpresident_official_portrait_hiresain, thank you for sharing your thoughts.  We may not solve every problem or tear down every barrier of mistrust overnight, but by working together and addressing our challenges in the open space of democracy, we can make things better.

Sincerely, Barack Obama


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