Racial Intelligence Training AND your 21st Century Policing Action Plan

How can Racial Intelligence Training help you in your 21st Century Action Plan?

The 21st Century Policing Report took 90 days and hundreds of voices before it became a final report. Law enforcement organizations like: the IACPNAPO, NAWLEE (on both Cultural Diversity and Building Trust and Legitimacy), and NACOLE spoke their concerns. The mission of the Task Force was to identify best practices and make recommendations on how such practices can promote effective crime reduction while building public trust.

If you are not familiar with 21st Century Policing, here are two informative links you’ll want to visit:

  1. In May 2015, Department of Justice COPS Office published the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report
  2. In October 2015, The President’s Task Force published the 21st Century Policing Implementation Guide

21st century policing implementation guide
In the Implementation Guide, there are 6 Pillars the Task Force created to help you create an action plan in your department. These 6 Pillars are:

  1. Building Trust and Legitimacy
  2. Policy and Oversight
  3. Technology and Social Media
  4. Community Policing and Crime Reduction
  5. Training and Education
  6. Officer Wellness and Safety

At RITE Academy, our Cultural Diversity Training of Racial Intelligence Leadership and Trainer programs support the 6 Pillars the Task Force created, and can help you in rolling out a pro-active action plan of your own. Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement (RITE) 6 Modules provide for the first time a unique formula of EI + SI = RI

[EI] Emotional Intelligence (the Person/Police Officer) + [SI] Social Intelligence (the Public & Community) = [RI] Racial Intelligence [the RITE thing] 

RITE Academy LETS do the right thingImagine a Training that brings a unified message of “Doing the Right Thing Today,” building trust and legitimacy between the police department and community. We help strengthen and enhance your Racial Intelligence Policies, including zero tolerance for racial inappropriateness. RITE’s key leadership training strengthens your oversight, while providing a fully inclusive and unique diversity program that your police officers will enjoy, remember, and use.

Officer Wellness is pivotal to your RITE success because when you improve the person, you improve the profession. RITE’s unique take-away tools help the police officer personally, well after the training. These practical take-away tools will be shared with their family, friends and community.

Your department will want to share their racial intelligence training with the community, sending the RIGHT unified message, building community trust that will last in the long run. Get your 2016 year off to the RITE start by incorporating Racial Intelligence Training in your 21st Century Action Plan!

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 provides public service professionals with in-service training in Racial Intelligence. The RITE combination of Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence improves job performance, communication skills, and community trust.

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