EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Racial Intelligence Course

I. EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Racial Intelligence Course:

Embrace Cultural Diversity in your department with the Executive Leadership Course. This 1/2 day training for the key leaders in your department, teaching the (6) Lessons to Racial Intelligence, and why it’s so important for everyone in the department to embrace this positive change. Leadership starts at the top!training pic

We can bring this half-day course for department key leaders to your police department, academy, or training facility OR you can come to us. The RITE Executive Leadership Course is a 4-hour training for the upper brass and key leaders in your department. Winning sports teams, Fortune 100 companies, and the best Police departments, know that great leadership drives success. Our leadership course provides your key leaders with the tools needed to successfully implement all facets of the RITE model EI+SI=RI, for personal and professional growth. Department-wide Racial Intelligence, starts at the top! Includes:

  • Racial Intelligence HandBook – Teaching the (6) Lessons of combined Emotional and Social Intelligence specifically designed for Public Service Professionals
  • (4) Take-away-Tools for continued work on Racial Intelligence
  • Racial Intelligence SOP Guidelines – Zero Racial Intolerance
  • RITE Academy Departmental Inclusion of Racial Intelligence
  • Community Awareness Campaign of your department’s Racial Intelligence Training