Training Combats Workplace Harassment

Building your workplace culture is critical to building VALUE within your department.  When you make others feel  valued, they want to stay with the agency, and love helping the organization as a whole be successful.

It takes a few negative, unhappy employees, to breakdown workplace culture and destroy department VALUES. Reporting any type of harassment is critical to a sustained happy workplace environment where everyone feels they are valued.

“Chief, I would like to thank you for today’s training. I believe the material was appropriate for our department’s current problems. You brought in the right team.” 


The quote above is from a recent Workplace Harassment training at a Community College in Arizona, which the Chief received that email from one of his Sergeants, thanking him for the training.



Employees can Break or Build Workplace Culture

Workplace harassment starts with a breakdown in communication and a lack of training for all employees. When harassment goes unaddressed, the department morale goes down and people leave.


The breakdown of workplace culture occurs with the following examples of harassment:

1.       Unprofessional Behavior

Showing up to work ANGRY (They may be going thru a divorce, kids failing in school, credit card bills)


2.       Entitlement Complex – i.e.: ‘It’s all about ME!’

Thinking they are more important than anyone else  (Growing up, they may have been given everything, and believes that’s the way it should be)


3.       The 7-Types of Workplace Harassment

Making others feel uncomfortable, and belittling others (Click HERE to read an earlier article on Harassment)


4.       Rumors and Gossip

Spreading rumors in the workplace just to stir things up (Some people that are not happy in their own life, try to make others miserable by spreading false rumors)


5.       Negative Banter leads to Mental Looping

Going in circles with negative talk (Have you ever worked with an employee that didn’t get promoted, and they are still talking about it months later? This is a very common thing to ‘mental loop’ about.)


The breakdown of workplace culture happens without proper Training, Accountability, or employee Commitment. ~ Linda Webb


There’s an enhanced awareness of workplace harassment in social media, along with the #MeToo movement. If your agency has not had in-person workplace harassment training within the last 2 years, it’s time to reinforce these policies.

Raising your agencies culture by reinforcing the professional standards and expectations of your employees is critical, while having a zero tolerance for workplace harassment.


Reduce Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment training strengthens your departmental culture, while reducing liability. RITE workplace harassment training includes the understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how your own behavior can affect others. We address the importance of controlling your own behavior first, prior to engaging with others.

Positive professional workplace culture attracts talent, drives engagement, impacts happiness and satisfaction, and affects performance.


Strengthen your internal building blocks for professional workplace culture, by empowering ALL your employees with positive engagement while teaching them how to dis-engage from those negative distractors.


Building employee VALUE is the foundation for professional workplace culture. When all employees feel valued, they won’t look to leave. The old saying holds true today… “People don’t leave companies, they leave people.” ~Randy Friedman




RITE Harassment Training for Campus Police, City, County

RITE Academy teaches Professional Workplace Culture, by addressing damaging breakdowns, while reinforcing positive building blocks. We empower employees to strengthen their own values and company values with emotional intelligence training, and tools. RITE Academy gives every class participant actual take-away tools they can use personally and professionally.

Reinforcing to your command staff that the department culture is to treat others fairly as they wish to be treated. Start 2019 in the right direction by strengthening a respectful workplace culture. RITE Academy, LLC is currently booking calendar dates for 2019. Contact us for more information