RITE Mindfulness is knowing… ‘When to Turn Away’

An Email that made me Stop and Pause

Have you ever gotten an email that caught your eye, and made you stop and pause before hitting the “delete” button? I get a lot of emails every day, that mostly land in my trash. But not this one! Something made me stop and read it, and keep reading all the way to the end. And at the end… I knew I had to share it!

This Joel Osteen message that landed in my Inbox, goes along with our teaching; learning to listen to your thoughts that help you, and release the one’s that don’t. Have you ever found yourself just going thru the motion, day in and day out? It’s time to stop long enough to listen to your own thoughts, to look at your actions, and ask better questions of why you do what you do. Take a minute to read this, then pass it on!

Living the life of success, means you must be selective about what you give your time and attention to. Recognize which thoughts to ignore, which comments to ignore, and sometimes, which people to ignore. Every “battle” that comes across your path is not a battle that you’re supposed to fight. Many battles are simply distractions to try to lure you off course. If that battle is not between you and your God-given destiny, it’s a battle you should ignore.
Many people get thrown off course because they are trying to straighten everyone else out or win their approval. But if that’s your focus, you are wasting time and energy that you should be using to pursue your dreams, your purpose, your “Why”. Turn away from distractions! You don’t need the approval of everyone around you!
It’s freeing when you realize you don’t have to fight every battle. You don’t have to straighten people out. You don’t have to pay somebody back. Instead, focus on what matters; focus on doing the right thing; for the right reasons… for you! Mindfulness is a choice to live in peace and happiness every day of your life! If this moved you… pass it on!

We Love teaching how to be more Mindful!

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