Police Chiefs in FL, IL, NV, and AZ get it RITE with Emotional & Social Training

“We can always control what goes on inside.”


This Wayne Dyer quote is the backbone of Emotional Intelligence and what we teach in all of our RITE Classes. Simply put, if you can gain control of your emotions (in every situation), you can control how you interact with others, especially under pressure.

“Everyone who deals with the public, should have training on controlling their emotions. Although we can’t control others and what THEY feel, we can learn to control our emotions, and what WE feel.” ~ Randy Friedman, RITE Co-founder


All Racial Intelligence classes helps the individual understand their Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI) that helps the officer, the department, and the community. RITE training has traveled the country…

“It is one of the most informative trainings I’ve ever been part of,” Officer Shaunda Wilson said. “It reminds us that if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of others.” ~ Northern Illinois University Police, DeKalb, IL

“If we can teach and learn the techniques to control our stress, anger, and preconceived notions, we can better relate with empathy, sympathy and provide an overall better service to the community we serve.” ~ LaGrange Police, GA

“Police-community interaction is probably the biggest component that police have to face,” Chitwood says. “Whether they’re racial components, or dealing with the community as a whole, this kind of training can at least give you the tools to deal with the community in a more proactive way. I think if you look across the country, I think there needs to be more of this type of training.” ~ Upper Darby Police, PA


RITE Training Upcoming Classes:

Guardian Act for FL Agencies

RITE Diversity Training is the only Nationally Recognized Program for the Guardian Act, Training provides 12-hours of required Diversity Training to meet the CS/SB 7026 – Aaron Feis Guardian Program Act 2018 Bill – LINK

FL Info and Registration


Chief Thomas Phillips and the Northern Illinois University Police Department (NIU), is the hosting agency. Only 45 miles from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, the training site will held at NIU DeKalb Campus. Registration is currently OPEN until 40 spots are filled.

IL Info and Registration


North Las Vegas Police Department is hosting the 1st RITE Leadership Class in NV. Located only 10 miles from Las Vegas airport and 4 miles from the downtown strip.

NV Info and Registration


Chief Bryan Jarrell and Prescott Valley Police Department are hosting. Prescott Valley, AZ is 90 miles from Phoenix Airport. Student names will be submitted to AZ POST for 16 credit hours

AZ Info and Registration


Evidenced-based Training

Evidenced-based RESULTS means RITE Training decreases use of force. Racial Intelligence combines Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI), which has been successfully used in corporations for years. RITE helps your department head towards a bias-free.

Racial Intelligence: “The practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI), Social Intelligence (SI), and the RITE Tools, to treat ourselves and others fairly.” Learn more about EI and SI…


How does the RITE model work?

RITE improves the officer’s communication skills (first), so they can engage more effectively with others.  Old cultural diversity training (teaching officers what they’re doing wrong) is ineffective in improving police-work. De-escalation techniques, Implicit bias understanding while using EI, empowers the officer with better, more effective decision-making (for themselves and the department). Improved engagement and morale is noticed in the department, and builds Community trust.



Trainers learn the RITE 3-prong approach:

    1. Officer Communication Skills: Emotional Intelligence Tools for Resiliency and De-escalation; to use personally and professionally
    2. Improve the Department: Social Intelligence helps with Bias-free policing, Recruiting, Improve morale, and Accountability
    3. Build the Community Relations: Bias-free policing will Enhance public trust



RITE Training starts with improved communication, helping officers at work and at home. Unique RITE Tools with EI & SI builds Career resiliency, improves Department morale, and mitigates loss. Check EVENTS page for a training near you, or bring us in for private agency training. Contact us training@riteacademy.com