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“When Officers use Emotional Intelligence (EI), they are more likely to de-escalate situations when under stress.” ~ Linda Webb


Racial Equity Expands Fairness and Justice to All

RITE’s Training Classes are nationally recognized in encouraging a bias-free workplace, that includes racial equity inside and outside the agency. Our classes include a combination of emotional and social intelligence skill-building with unique accountability Tools. Years of research along with hands-on training, give your employees a sole-source experience that is unforgettable, and unparalleled to any other public service training.

Read the article on Racial Equity HERE


RITE Training includes EI Tools like the Police Ladder (seen in all our videos), to help Officers ‘police themselves’ and make better decisions, especially under pressure. The RITE model of EI+SI=RI helps officers see the VALUE within themselves. Results change when we make changes.


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“The RITE Ladder and Stop-Light are Key! Our officers learned you can STOP, re-think, apologize for how you just acted or just correct yourself… It’s not too late, you can always de-escalate.”   ~ Chief Rob Hicks, Leesburg Police Dept. FL


VIDEO of Officer Wilson 

“The most informative training I’ve ever received. It’s something that can be used in my everyday life. RITE came at a time when I needed it most, and our officers have embraced RITE training!“~ Officer Shaunda Wilson, Baylor UPD, Texas




More thoughts on RITE Training

Thank you very much for the phenomenal training you gave the Worcester Police Department. It was a pleasure to see you and Linda again.

You are saving and changing the world by planting seedsthroughout the country. You definitely deserve a humanitarian award and a noble peace prize.

I am extremely honored and proud to be a R.I.T.E. student and trainer. I will always preach your training the rest of my life to those who don’t even know about it. This will be a daily ice breaker I use with people going through crisis and are victims. I am also a certified crisis intervention trainer as well.

Sgt. Derrick Leto – Worcester Police Department, Worcester, MA

RITE Academy training is unique and innovative. The instruction is dynamic and
applicable to any agency seeking to build an organization committed to excellence with service with integrity and humility.

I am so grateful to the instructors for delivering a course that is positive and affirming and that recognizes that we are all human… we need to take care of each other and hold one another accountable in a positive, professional manner.

This training is just right for the organization looking to set a new, positive direction and that seeks to value everyone… our community, and ourselves.

Chief Chris Albers – Pima Community College Police Department, Tucson, AZ

Creating a Professional Workplace

RITE’s Professional Workplace Training is nationally recognized in creating a bias-free, harassment-free workplace. Our approach is unique in that although we address some unpleasant topics, the training is actually fun and engaging. We help to reinforce company values of having a professional workplace culture not just for some, but for all employees.

Each class includes Emotional Intelligence Tools everyone will learn from, and use in class with each other. These are designed to share with loved ones at home, and at work well after we are gone.

PRINT Racial Intelligence FLIER
PRINT Racial Intelligence FLIER


RITE Professional Workplace Culture includes:

  • Unprofessional Behavior
  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Elements of Entitlement
  • Mental Looping and Negative Banter
  • Implicit Bias and Hot Buttons
  • Racial Equity
  • Rumors and Gossip
  • Use of Profanity
  • Improper Social Media Posting
  • Duty to Intervene “RITE Response”
  • Racial Intolerance
  • Block Out Syndrome
  • Police Misconduct
  • EI + SI = RI “the RITE Model”

RITE helps reinforce your company culture of treating everyone fairly. Learning how to Value others, is key to building a professional workplace culture of morale and Racial Equity, that will be passed on for years to come.



Discounts for IACLEA members

Discounts for IACLEA members include:

  • Full-day and Half-day Leadership Classes
  • Full-day and Half-day Officers Classes
  • 2-day Train-the-Trainer Classes


Why IACLEA partnered with RITE?

IACLEA is the leading authority of campus public safety, providing agency personnel with the tools, information, and networking opportunities to serve and protect college and university communities.

RITE is the leading authority for campus police training and sole source provider on Racial Intelligence.Giving officers tools to work on themselves, way beyond academy classes, officers get the best opportunity for success as campus security, protecting the campus and the students they serve.


Watch what Chief's think about RITE - on our YouTube Page



RITE Training includes these Campus Police:

  • University of Central Florida – Florida
  • Bryant University – Rhode Island
  • Northern Illinois University – Illinois
  • Broward College – Florida
  • Cleveland State University – Ohio
  • Notre Dame College – Ohio
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Oklahoma – OK
  • Roger State University – OK
  • Gaston College – North Carolina
  • Florida State University – Florida
  • Univ of Tx PD Houston – Texas
  • TCU Police 
  • Middle Tennessee’s State
  • Ohio University PD
  • Iowa State University- Iowa
  • Villanova  
  • Framingham University – Mass.
  • South Ga Technical College – Ga
  • South Ga Tech. College – Ga
  • Lewis & Clark – Illinois
  • Illinois State – Illinois
  • North Central College- Illinois
  • Northern Arizona
  • Harvard
  • University of South Carolina
  • Pima AZ Community College – Az
  • University of Iowa – Iowa
  • University of Alabama – Alabama
  • West Virginia University – WV
  • Valencia College – Florida
  • Texas State University
  • University of Montevalle
  • Marquetta University
  • San Antonio.  Univ of Texas