Community Policing is climbing above the burden of Hate

Martin Luther King’s quote ultimately says, “We have a choice of how we DECIDE to think.” This helps us realize that words carry ‘energy’ (positive and negative).

The RITE Ladder Tool (right), has Love living at the top, and Hate towards the bottom, for a good reason…. both words carry ENERGY. Nothing good ever happens at the bottom of the Ladder! This Tool is about ‘policing’ yourself.

Think about the word HATE and how you’ve heard others in your department use it… (or maybe it’s you that’s been using it?)

  • I hate that I didn’t get promoted
  • I hate my supervisor
  • I hate the shift I am working right now

Hate is a negative, heavy emotion, that keeps us down (literally). When you say you hate something (or someone), you are bringing more hate, and problems to you. It keeps you in a negative mental loop, with yourself, your department, and your community. Calls can often get escalated unnecessarily, when hate is present.

Now look up to the Top of the Ladder, and think about the word LOVE and how often you and others around you use it…

  • love being a police officer
  • I love the people at my department
  • I love working with the youth in my community
  • love making a difference!

Love is a powerful positive word because it carries positive energy that’s very light (and simple put… it feels good). Because it feels good, we want more of it! This helps us move forward in everything we do, personally and professionally. Police calls are more likely to get De-escalated living at the top of the Ladder.

YOU effect EVERYONE around you

If we think (and talk) about hating, that negativity lingers over us like a black cloud. Change your words to LOVE, and watch what happens. Remember, words are energy so choose your words with purpose! Want to learn more? Come to one of our many Training events around the country, we’d love to have you!


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