Deputy Chief Scott Dempsey Teaches Cadet How to Control Emotions, and Shoot on Target

Understanding Your Emotions

Ever learn something in Training, that you couldn’t wait to try? That happened to Sgt. Dempsey at our last Racial Intelligence Train-the-Trainer. Day 2 of training, he came to class so excited…

“The RITE Ladder Tool works! I was on the phone with my daughter last night, and used it. She injured her knee and can’t run or play sports for 6 weeks. I coached her back up to the TOP of the Ladder, and by the end of the call I could hear her smiling!”

Dempsey talks about it in the 2-minute video…

Here’s why students will use RITE, well beyond class

  1. Helping the Officer “I need to understand ME first”
  2. Improves the Dept: “When I help me, I help OTHERS”
  3. Builds Community Trust: We care about you!
  4. (4) RITE Tools to use immediately, and beyond

Sgt. Dempsey used the Awareness Ladder Tool to bring his daughter from the Bottom of the Ladder (Blame, Anger, Fear), up to HAPPINESS and JOY.

A few days after class, Sgt. Dempsey sent me this email: 

“I received a phone call last Friday from our Chief Firearms Instructor. He asked if I could help out an officer who is currently in our academy and is struggling with shooting his firearm. Basically, if he doesn’t pass the qualification this week, he will be let go. You can imagine the stress and other emotions this young man is going through. So, this past Saturday, I met him at our shooting range to train him as best as I could.

I immediately noticed that this young man was at the bottom of the Ladder. He was stressed beyond belief. I immediately jumped in trainer mode and began using the TOOLS you and Linda had shown us. He gradually started up the Ladder and his shooting improved. I pressed on and I feel he climbed near the top. I even showed him my RITE Coin. He left very confident and happy. I don’t know yet if he has passed, but I imagine he will.”

Special thanks to to Charleston WV Police Department:

  • Sgt. Errol Randall
  • Sgt. Scott Dempsey
  • Sgt. Paul Perdue


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