Saying Thank You – A Powerful Police Tool

The Grateful Servant

Officers rarely hear, “thank-you” at the end of a Police call. Granted, they’re doing the job that they signed up for, and get paid for. Their job is to serve and protect the public to the best of their ability, and are often called to just ‘be’ there to listen. Officers relentlessly handle numerous calls throughout their career, with little expectation to hear those two words of kindness… ‘Thank You’. 

Police Officers represent the grateful servant. They may not always communicate that they are ‘appreciative’ to come when they are called, but they put on their uniform and do their best every day to support and protect the public.


“Empathy Communication is about connecting with others, and this takes practice and patience. Saying, ‘Thank You’ is a great way to connect!”

Departments have some officers that don’t project the values of their department, and may not know how to connect with the community. However, most police officers have good intentions in being a grateful servant. Although it’s easy for some to connect, for others it takes some training, practice and patience.

We read and watch the news reporting police calls that went wrong, but we rarely hear of the many positive police calls that connect with the public in the right way. So many officers Do the Right Thing…


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Gratitude Challenge X Three

1. Police ‘Thank You’ Challenge

When leaving your next police call, take time to say ‘thank-you.’ After all, if the public never called you for help, never needed your service, you may not have a job to go to. That’s something to be Thankful for!

When you communicate with the public that you appreciate them, it comes back ten-fold. This is a powerful step in elevating public perception of police, to a positive one. Everyone, including your community LOVES to be told ‘thank-you.’


2. Community ‘Thank You’ Challenge

We challenge the public to ‘thank’ a police officer today. Taking anyone for granted decreases our Gratitude and Empathy Communication, which is a big part of Emotional Intelligence. Everyone, including your Police LOVES to be told ‘thank-you.’


Challenge people you care about to say “thank-you” (3) times per day. Go out of your way to Thank as many people during your day as you can. After all, you are helping two people… them (they feel good for being ‘thanked’), and You (you feel good about helping others).

Let’s take Thanksgiving to a higher level, and be ‘grateful’ for our public servants, and our public-community members.



About RITE Officer Training –  It starts with helping officers communicate with others more effectively. Raise your department cultural, set standards to include more ‘Thank You’ time on the street. When agencies embrace RITE training, police complaints have reduced by 50%, as well de-escalated use-of-force action, and see a 25% increase in public praise.

The RITE Ladder Tool teaches EI & SI that builds Career resiliency, improves Department morale, and mitigates risk. Contact RITE for your agency.


4 thoughts on “Saying Thank You – A Powerful Police Tool”

  1. Thank you to law enforcement to the amazing job they do for us every day.

    God bless all of you.

  2. I am extremely thankful to officer Fish and the Plantation/FL Police Department for helping me to find quickly my cellphone. She retrieved my cellphone from the family’s home who found it. They were very kind, professional, respectful and good listener.
    We are so grateful for your service in ensuring our safety.

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