Respect for all people and all professions is Racial equity

What I’ve learned …

being respectful doesn’t take any more energy than it takes to being mean. But some folks need reminding.
Like this quote says,
“I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.”

… and the Police, and the waitress, and the landscapers, and the garbage crew, and the bathroom attendant at the airport, and…

Can we keep this going? We need to!

The reason we use Emotional Intelligence in class, is because it is the foundation of how we treat everything in our life. This helps employees realize (3) things:
  1. our emotions drive our behavior
  2. our emotions have an affect on how we treat others
  3. officer wellness starts with improving ourselves
Over 950 Police, Fire, DOC, and City Employees, have taken RITE Training. Improving the professional workplace for ALL in the agency is what we do best, because we love to help others help themselves!



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