Police Leaders can Improve Officer Control on the Street

Policing with Fairness

No matter the race, skin color, religion, age, or sexual orientation (just to name a few), every community deserves to be policed with fairness. Old school Diversity Training does not teach us how to treat others fairly… learning how to control our individual emotions, does.


At RITE Academy we have been teaching Officer Wellness classes since 2015 to over 450 agencies from Law enforcement and Corrections, to City employees and the Military.

Just because officers don’t share their mental health challenges, or pressures at home, or financial obligations, it does not mean they don’t have any. If only tactical training is taught in an agency, without teaching communication and emotional control skills, that balance of power will shift in the wrong direction.

Emotional Intelligence for Officer Wellness Training is needed, NOW more than ever. Watch the video to learn how these leaders are improving their agency.


Public Service Professional’s Personal Struggles include:
Increased divorce rate, domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, anxiety and acute stress. These can all be linked to lack of officer wellness training. We can no longer look the other way!


Old school Diversity Training does not teach us how to treat others fairly… learning how to control individual emotions, does.

Learning Emotional Intelligence and how to control our own emotions is a key to good community policing. Communities deserve more from our uniformed men and women, and they deserve to be policed with human dignity always in play. Continued training from top to bottom can not be stressed enough.


In this video, Randy Friedman – Co-founder and Training Director for RITE Academy, talks to various news media that were covering the RITE Training around the country. In conjunction with RITE principles and methods of teaching Officer Wellness, you’ll see and hear sound bites by those who had been in the RITE classes, and share their beliefs.


Special thanks to:
Chief Robert Hicks of Leesburg Police Department – Leesburg, Florida
Chief Vera Bumpers of Houston METRO Police – Houston, Texas
Captain James Reif of Upper Darby Township Police – Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Deputy Willie Finklea of Manatee Sheriff’s Office – Bradenton, Florida
O’neaka Jenkins of Lake City Corrections – Gainsville, Florida
Chief Thomas Phillips of Northern Illinois University Police – DeKalb, Illinois
Sgt. Kevin Bryant of Harvard University Police – Cambridge, Massachusetts


RITE Academy provides Professional Workplace Training and Wellness for all Public Service Professionals. RITE Tools like the ‘Awareness Ladder’ and exercises like the ‘Clack and Swoosh’ help officers deal with their emotions, at work, on the street, and at home.

Contact RITE for more information or direct email Training@RiteAcademy.com