Officer Wellness improves Community Trust – Video

Police officers are expected to serve and protect the public 100% of the time, no matter the circumstance, (no matter the personal stress in the Officer’s life). The 21st Century Policing recommends Officer Wellness and Training for every department, yet most Officers receive less than 24 hours of training per year, and ZERO of that training is focused on Officer Wellness.


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“These two pillars became the foundation of my continued success outside of law enforcement, because when you help the person FIRST, being the employee, then they want to help you back.”


The highest positive emotion humans feel is LOVE. This is one of the key ingredients to building your officer wellness foundation in your department. Imagine if every officer left roll call feeling a thought like… “I love my job, the department, and the community.”


Steve Jobs once said, “You’ve gotta have love and passion for what you do, because when it gets tough you’ll have the perseverance to continue because you love it.”  We must build a better foundation for our police officers FIRST, because they are our greatest asset.


Listen for these 3 key points when you Watch the Video:

  1. Why has your department embraced RITE?

Sgt. Jones: “For over 19 years I’ve gone to a lot of courses. This is the FIRST course that helps the officer first, which can help the department and help the community.”

  1. What makes this course different?

Sgt. Jones: “We are taught how to treat the community but we are NEVER TAUGHT how to treat ourselves, and how to become better people. Now that we have this tool, we can help fix other situations if we start with our selves.”

  1. How about building community trust?

Sgt. Jones: “This shows we are trying; we are putting forth an effort. This is not just about the department; this is about the community. WE work for YOU, and we want to be a better agent for you.”

RITE Training Module #5 is Empathy Communication, which is taught in all of our classes. If you feel Empathy for someone but don’t know how to communicate it… they won’t know it, and likely won’t trust you. Building community TRUST starts here!


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