Officer Norman Connects with Community using Emotional Intelligence

Officer Tommy Norman isn’t your typical police officer. He dances, plays and inspires people in his community every day. Watch him in action and take his advice to heart – “Go make somebody’s day.”

Watch Video – We Challenge you to show this in your next Roll Call!

Lauren Ready, USA TODAY Sept. 18, 2015

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A North Little Rock police officer is changing people’s lives around the world, thanks to his unconventional approach to law enforcement.

Officer Tommy Norman is known for connecting with his community through dancing, playing, sitting with, and talking to the people of North Little Rock.

Norman is incredibly active on social media, posting dozens of pictures and videos each day. In one video on his Facebook page, kids are poking fun of his black tennis shoes, yelling, “What are those!?” In another video, Officer Norman is congratulating a woman named Gloria on being clean for three years.

“He’s always out in the community and I love that about him,” said Barbara Johnson to TV station KTHV. “I met officer Norman 14 years ago off of 16th and Sycamore. I was having problems out of one of my children, and he came in and kind of talked to them and guided them and ever since then he’s kind of been in my life.”

Now Norman plays a similar role with Johnson’s grandchildren, an example of the consistency he says is key in building trust with the community. “I think sometimes they do a double take,” Norman added. “They’re not really sure if this police officer is being genuine.

  • Why is he being so nice?
  • Can a police officer have love?
  • Can a police officer have compassion?
  • And can a police officer care? The answer is yes.”

Some of Officer Norman’s videos don’t show the children or adults of North Little Rock at all. Some videos are only of him sending short, special messages to his followers, “Wishing everybody a good day. Just remember to go out and make a difference today, have an impact in your community, wherever you live. Go make somebody’s day.”


Quotes are for Sharing

Maya Angelou left this earth with a legacy that’s hard to top, but easy to follow. All of us at some point, need guidance…

  • To find a new path, when we lose our way
  • To find hope, when we needed a hand
  • To find Love when we feel no one cares


Public Service Professionals

If you work in the public eye, you are making an impact every day for others. Some impact is positive, and some not so much. This quote says so much to how we all impact others in how we make them feel. It’s up to all of us to make a difference every day.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou”



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