3 De-Escalation Communication Tools for Law Enforcement

Are you Competitive, Collaborative or Compromising?

We manage conflict (or use Conflict Management styles) in everything we do. After all, there are more ways than one to… Hit a golf ball, Run a business, and Do your job.

  1. You can be Competitive in golf, by playing more aggressive shots
  2. You might be more Collaborative in business, and ask others for their opinion
  3. You may like to Compromise on the job, more than others to do

When in a pressure situation we tend to use ONLY one Conflict Management style. Depending on the situation, proper De-escalation Communication becomes more effective when you have more than ONE option to choose from. RITE Training gives students (5) Conflict Management Tools to use during and after the training.

Like a Golfer who must select the right club to hit a precision shot, Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers must choose the right Conflict Management style to achieve the best outcome in pressure situations. There are more ways than one to reduce resistance and keep a situation from escalating. To understand De-escalation Communication better, let’s define it:

DE-ESCALATION (definition)

“To reduce the level or intensity of (a crisis, etc)”

COMMUNICATION (definition)

“The act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else”

Do you have MULTIPLE communication tools, to “Reduce the level or intensity of a situation by using your words or behaviors to express your thoughts to someone else?” Instead of using the same single-conflict management style you’ve always used, learn to use more than ONE style in order to achieve the best outcome, for everyone involved.

Think about how you typically communicate when you arrive at an out-of-control situation. What is your first reaction? Do you think and react, or just react?

RITE 5 conflict management stylesRITE De-Escalation Training gives you key Conflict Management take-away tools to practice what you learned after the training is over.

[IV. THE RESULT photo, is in Module 6 of our Racial Intelligence Hand Book; given out in class]

Using various Conflict Management styles won’t be learned over night, as it takes 21 days for a learned behavior to become a habit. RITE Training teaches 5 different styles in Lesson Module 6, Conflict Management.

Here are (3) De-Escalation Communication Style Tools – You can start using Today!

  1. Use Competitive style like in golf, by taking a more aggressive approach (when you need to take control)
  2. Use Collaborative style like in business, and ask others for their input and opinion (work together)
  3. Use Compromise style like on the job, when you must get the job done (for a win-win)

RITE Academy values all Public Service Professionals by embracing Officer Wellness, (the 6th Pillar of 21st Century Policing). We believe, when you improve the person, you improve the profession, and build community trust. Let’s work together!


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