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  • The Athletic Mindset – 3 Tools for Success by Randy Friedman and Linda Webb
  • Your Inner Swing – 7 Lessons in Golf and Life! by Randy Friedman
  • Racial Intelligence – 6 Lessons by Randy Friedman and Linda Webb


RITE Certified Instructors (Please Read)

RITE licensing agreement states that, students you teach *MUST RECEIVE their own RITE Tool Kit. Students will be using Tools in class with various lessons, taught throughout the RITE Handbook and complete power point you received.

RITE Tool Kit red and yellow
RITE Tool Kit Info

*You can purchase RK1 , RK2 or a combination of kits for your class. RK2 includes the RITE Handbook, needed to take the open-book exam. When ordering a combination of RK1 and RK2, please order enough books for students in that class, to leave behind for the next class you teach. Orders must be placed at least 30 days prior to your training date.

Training Surveys

When your training is complete let us know. We’ll send you a FREE survey to gather data. Surveys create an unbiased approach to training efficacy. These surveys give you immediate results that come directly from your employees who took RITE training. These are online, anonymous surveys.

Pictures of RITE Tools




If you haven’t had RITE Training…

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