De-Escalate 95% of Calls!

Police Training that improves law enforcement and community relations that works! The RITE Emotional Intelligence combined with Social Intelligence helps the officer communicate with better verbal skills, on 95% of calls. Building trust between the agency and the community, while sustaining career resiliency for the officer, is our priority!

CHIEF: “This is NOT your 1980’s cultural diversity training, that would beat our officers down. We looked for a less academic, easy-to-use training, officers will use. We needed better ways to communicate, and De-Escalate situations more effectively. Finally, a training that supports our officers AND our community… We found it in RITE!

RITE: We heard you loud and clear, and we have it! Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself what makes RITE, right on target for your department needs! Play these 2-minute Videos

Officers learn first how improve themselves (personally) and ways to understand and improve their implicit bias and internal communication. Teaching tools and techniques that improve the officer’s communication on the front line, to help them De-escalate calls, is step one. This unique form of cultural diversity training helps create an awareness of how we affect others, and that only we have the power to make internal changes. This is NOT a course that puts the officers down… rather it makes them a better person, which improves the department, and builds community trust!

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RITE teaches with a 21st Century Policing approach:

Emotional and Social Intelligence RITE Tools empower your officer with improved communication (on and off the street), while building departmental morale and community trust at the same time. The RITE training puts Officer Wellness on the front line. Helping the officer improve on a personal level, is the first step to your officers (and the departments) ultimate desire… career resiliency.

  1. Benefit the Officer: Tools for Career Resiliency, understanding Implicit Bias, De-escalation Communication
  2. Improve the Department: Recruiting, Improve morale, Accountability
  3. Build the Community Relations: Enhance community policing and public trust

Why Emotional & Social Intelligence for Officers?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is learning to become aware of our emotions, and to acknowledge that emotions drive behavior that can impact others (positively and negatively). Learning to manage our emotions, in the moment, is crucial.

     RITE teaches key components of Emotional Intelligence that includes: Emotional Self-Awareness, Behavioral Self-Control, and Ethics and Integrity. This combination helps to improve the public service professional’s EI, at work as well as at home. Improved de-escalation and cultural diversity awareness starts here.

Social Intelligence (SI) is how we effectively navigate and negotiate all social relationships and situations. Learning and using your EI, is beneficial to improving your SI.

    RITE teaches key components of Social Intelligence that includes: Situational Awareness, Empathy Communication, and Conflict Management. These social skill-building lessons help to improve the public service professionals SI, on the street, in the department, and at home. Working on one’s Social Intelligence, improves de-escalation skills.

SI Example


Officer Career Resiliency 

By teaching critical components of both Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI), officer’s resiliency awareness improves, as well as personal and professional relationships, inside and outside department walls. There are (6) modules that are covered in every RITE Training, from our Leadership, to First-line supervisor, to Train-the-Trainer to Officers classes.

We always encourage students to share what they learned and explain the RITE tools with co-workers, family, friends and the community for which they serve. The more we share our knowledge with others, the more we learn the lessons we need for resiliency, and hold ourselves accountable to our actions. Learn how to apply the RITE model of EI+SI=RI in class using RITE handbook and tools. 

  • Six (6) Modules on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI), improves De-escalation Communication, enhances career resiliency and health
  • RITE training improves officer’s personal life, which affects work life, and visa-versa
  • Take-a-way Tools for continued work after the training ends
  • Police Chiefs and Executive Leaders are given recruitment techniques as well as accountability tools for each employee to use after the training for continued improvement.

“In Corrections, you don’t have as many tools as the police officer on street. You don’t have a taser, or baton, or pepper spray. You have a radio, and handcuffs, and the biggest tool is your mouth. How to treat people is what RITE training is all about.  ~Sgt. Elvin Rodriguez, Lake County Corrections

Agency Accountability Standards

graduating with accountability RITE academyTo take ownership of your thoughts and actions, improves accountability. The true meaning of accountability comes from the ability to (influence and) account for events and outcomes before they happen. RITE Academy recognizes departmental need for more proactive training and engagement, verses reactive. RITE Accountability Standards assure your department will receive the highest standard of Training.

  1. Cultural Diversity Officer Wellness Course taught by a RITE Certified Trainer
  2. Documented record with written exam (shows employee received De-escalation Training)
  3. All employees receive their own RITE Tools (for practice post-training)
  4. RITE Certificate for each personnel file (shows dept. accountability)
  5. Higher standards of building community relations and trust


RITE programs reinforce your department policy that reduces racial intolerance, while making positive cultural changes. By providing each employee with accountability tools, the RITE model lays the groundwork to encourage positive employee engagement. This course reinforces proper conduct as an employee of the department, and the documentation if ever needed in an employee personnel file. Officer Wellness is the pillar of strength that RITE teaches for improving employee performance. Put Officer Wellness on the Front-line for your next training class. When you improve the person, you improve the profession, the department, and build community trust.

RITE Tool Kit red and yellow

Even the best training can be forgotten after 1-2 weeks. RITE training continues in your department well after the training ends, because of our unique RITE Tool Kit. Students will learn how to use these tools in the training (i.e.: De-escalation Communication & Resiliency Awareness), and continue using them well after the training ends.


RITE Model Gold“The RITE model starts with Emotional Intelligence (EI), to improve Officer Wellness… one of the 6 Pillars in 21st Century Policing.”

“In today’s racially diverse world, communities need Emotional and Social Intelligence to thrive. With an increase in negative media attention, now is the right time for the RITE program. When you improve the person, you improve the profession.” ~ Randy Friedman

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Our training has received the IADLEST national seal of approval, the highest standard of training.

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