YouTube – Harvard University and Campus Police embrace Professional Workplace Training

RITE Leadership Training at Harvard University was conducted over a 2-day period. This private training was open to the Harvard University Police Leaders. Here’s what they thought…


Photos from Class

harvard upd rite photos


HUPD has taken proactive measures to give their police officers RITE training and tools that has helped improve communication and reduce bias-based tension. Teaching critical components of both Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI), improves resiliency awareness, as well as personal and professional relationships.


RITE Tools, like the Emotional Energy Ladder (in this video), makes us aware of our emotions, how we affect others, and that only we have the power to make those changes. Racism lives at the bottom of the Ladder with Hate. Bias-free lives at the top of the Ladder with Love, Gratitude and Joy.

Great leadership starts with doing the RITE thing, and helping others do the same.

Racial Intelligence is: “The practice of using Emotional Intelligence (EI), Social Intelligence (SI) and the RITE Tools to treat ourselves and others fairly.”


RITE Academy provided Professional Workplace Training for Harvard University and all Campus Police Officers. RITE Tools like the ‘Awareness Ladder’ and exercises like the ‘Clack and Swoosh’ help officers deal with their emotions, implicit issues and bias, various harassments and much more.

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