“Individual commitment to a group effort”… Lombardi quote on Football and Policing

This quote is about great police departments

Vince Lombardi, one of the greatest football coaches of all time, lead many individuals into a successful group effort. His never give-up attitude finally landed him the head coach of the Packers job at age 45. At Green Bay in 9 seasons he coached to WIN…

  • 5 NFL titles
  • 2 Super Bowls

Lombardi never had a losing season. He never stopped working, never stopped pushing his players to be better, and he never stopped making himself a better coach. There’s something about endurance, pushing others to endure, and helping the team move together towards success.

An officer’s individual commitment is Key

What makes a department truly great, is the individual commitment everyone makes to themselves first. This is what builds the group effort (good and bad) of your agency.

Think about your department and what makes it strong (or weak)? Do you have…

  • Officers that don’t like their shift, yet don’t complain – Strong
  • Supervisors that dig in to help others, and love helping – Strong
  • Your Department employees say it’s great to work there – Strong

Athletes that play in the Super Bowl… are Strongly committed individuals that add to the Group effort, which makes their team work!

  • Grateful to play or sit, and don’t complain – Strong
  • Love to work hard and give back to others – Strong
  • Encourage and talk about their team as family – Strong

Share this quote with all of your employees so they can individually stay committed to the group effort of your department. As the old saying goes, we are only as strong as our weakest link.

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