How Bear Bryant used ‘New Day’ to Improve his Football Team’s Attitude

When a Pro Football player has a bad day, they better shake it off before the next game. Coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant mastered moving past a bad play, bad quarter, bad game. His NEW DAY philosophy carried well beyond the football field. This is how…

Everyone has their share of issues, at work and home. As we travel the country training various agencies, we’ve see it all… you’re not alone. Bryant’s NEW DAY Lesson is simple, and easy to implement

It’s common to have one bad employee bring down agency morale. It doesn’t matter whether your agency is police, fire, or corrections, every department has a few bad apples with bad attitudes.

And yes, it is possible to improve even bad attitudes inside an agency!

(3) Keys to improved Morale

  1. Inform naysayers – 2022 is the year of better attitudes
  2. Give ALL employees Bryant’s NEW DAY Lessons
  3. Teach the negative RELEASE Lesson (VIDEO Below)


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You are not alone

It’s common in the public safety profession to have one bad employee bring down agency morale.

It doesn’t matter whether your agency is police, fire, or corrections, every department has a few bad apples with bad attitudes.


Your agency has a lot of amazing employees. Most show up every day, ready to work hard and handle the day-to-day pressures with a great attitude.


Toxic employees spend their day talking about how bad the agency is. Some of these may sound familiar as well…

  • Complains about everything
  • Spreads rumors and gossip
  • Distracts others from doing their jobs.
  • Bad influence on the new employees and rookies
  • Looks to bring down department morale
  • Goes against the rules and policies
  • High risk to the agency when engaging with the public


2022 Strategic Plan – ‘Learning to PIVOT’

Teach the naysayers what you expect of them, and how to get on board with a better attitude. And if they still don’t get it, PIVOT. 

It’s okay to walk away from distractors that take you in a negative direction. When you learn how to appropriately PIVOT away from the toxic employee, morale goes up. RITE principles help create a NEW DAY for building agency-wide morale.

It is time for a fresh start, by reinforcing your professional workplace culture guidelines. This can be easily done by implementing a NEW DAY Strategic Leaders Plan for 2022.

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Strategic Leadership Plan and Addressing Toxic Employees

  1. Give agency-wide Professional Workplace Culture Training reenforcing zero tolerance.
  2. Give employees Emotional Intelligence TOOLS
  3. Set up guidelines and SOP on Professional Workplace Conduct
  4. Reinforce in executive meetings for addressing unprofessional behavior
  5. Reinforce the positive acceptable behavior


In our RITE Training Class, we reinforce your Professional Workplace Culture by teaching the agency about the NEW DAY Thought Process.


RITE’s Master Trainer Randy Friedman is a Professional Sport’s Mental Coach who teaches your trainers and leaders on how the ‘NEW DAY Thought Process Works’.


Everyone can have a bad day, or have things going wrong in their personal lives. It is just a matter of how you handle it, and then move forward going into the next new day.


bear bryant and joe namathThink of it as moving a football down the field. You may have had a fumble, bad tackle, lost yardage, or interception. What’s important is how you get back on the field and play the game to the best of your ability

Alabama Football Coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant instilled in Quarterback great, Joe Namath and all of his football players how to brush themselves off and get back up to play again. This is the ‘NEW DAY Thought Process that we teach in every class.


Everyone can have a bad day. The challenge is, when you feel yourself going down and start having that bad day, how quickly can you bounce back UP? That’s part of the NEW Day principles we teach.” ~ Randy Friedman.


In this video, Randy helps you move forward by releasing a negative thought, action, or bad day that may have just happened.


As public safety professionals, we can have stressful moments, we can have bad days, and it’s common to witness traumatic calls. How we handle stress and move forward is the key to the ‘NEW DAY Thought Process’


It’s ok to have brief moments of negative thoughts, but just don’t let them rule your life. Release the negative thoughts and move forward.


Remember, no one wants to hang around toxic employees who are constantly complaining. Move forward into 2022 with a ‘NEW DAY Thought Process’




RITE Tools and bannersAt RITE Academy, we have been able to provide over 950 agencies (fire, police, ems, 911 operators and corrections), EI Tools and Exercises that help each person personally control their emotions. It’s a huge Ah-ha when you finally ‘wake up’ and realize that you no longer have to listen to that toxic co-worker.

With every class, the LADDER, Stop-Light, and NEW DAY Tools and Banners are included in the training, and left behind for the agency to use. RITE is not a one and done class!


RITE Training helps ALL public service agencies improve communication, avoid the Block-out Syndrome, to De-escalate situations, build Career resiliency, Leadership skills, and Departmental recruiting.  Contact us about RITE TRAINING at your agency.

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