FDC Trainers Institute Orlando 2017 – RITE Training for Officers

With over 100 in attendance, FDC Training Leaders look to train and inspire over 24,000 employees in their organization every year. RITE was tasked to inspire and motivate them, at the conference and beyond. Watch the video interviews that were taken at the conference.

Questions top Leaders want Answers to:

1. What were the responses after the training?

We heard the buzz during breaks and after class. But don’t take our word for it, let the FDC Bureau Chief explain what attendees couldn’t wait to tell him immediately after the training. He couldn’t believe his ears!

2. What stands out, about the training?

What did your employees actually “take away” from the training? Did they learn what you hoped they would learn? What stands out in their mind, is what they will likely use going forward. Listen to what they took away.

3. How will your Officers (Employees) respond to the training?

You don’t alway know how the training you bring in, will be received. You HOPE your employees will benefit from the training, but are really never sure. Here’s some good news from these trainers, and what they think about bringing RITE into their agency.

4. Will RITE Training help you personally?

As founders and daily users of the methods we teach in RITE, we know how this training has benefited our lives and in our day to day trials and tribulations. But what do you think? Here is what they think…


RITE Training promotes Bias-Free Policing to de-escalate 95% of calls. Unique cultural diversity with EI & SI improves communication, builds Career resiliency, and improves Department morale. See our EVENTS page for a training near you, or become a Host site! Contact us about TRAINING for your agency.