Linda Webb, Co-Founder and CEO


Linda Webb has dedicated her life to civil service, law enforcement, risk management and fighting fraud for over 35 years.

Her law enforcement career involved patrol, morals unit, selective enforcement unit (working vice), police motorcyclist, dive rescue, detective, and master academy instructor (teaching ethics and professionalism). Ms. Webb has taught over 20 officers courses, and designed nationally recognized ‘train-the-trainer’ programs being used today.

As a National Director for Risk Management, Ms. Webb has previously supervised over 120 risk management specialists, loss consultants, and investigators. She has extensive risk mitigation and risk analysis experience, creating of one for the nation’s leading risk management models called THE SWARM, (Swift Working Assessment with Rapid Methodology). Having responsibility and oversight in billions of dollars in risk, including the risk management and carrier oversight of TPA Claims Management, Safety Training, Loss Control and SIU Investigations.

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She worked closely with internal general counsel, attorney’s, compliance and C-level executives. Her expertise has helped many organizations identify gaps, and vulnerabilities in their operations mitigating millions of dollars in potential exposure. She is well versed in handling high profile media events involving negligence, and corruption, while identifying subrogateable parties to differ the risk.

“With all that’s happening in the media, teaching officers about Racial Intelligence will improve their well-being, the profession, and the community.”

Her expertise has assisted public service entities, carriers, self-insureds, and captive management companies. As the co-author of Racial Intelligence, Webb understands the importance of training and the need for tools for agency accountability to mitigate risk.

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As a sexual assault survivor, she has worked with corporations, police, and government entities to enhance their sexual harassment programs. As a contractor for USPS, Webb investigated sexual harassment, discrimination, and hostile work environment situations. She has devoted her life to helping corporations, law enforcement agencies, and public service entities better their department, through enhanced sensitivity training programs, using the RITE Approach

Ms. Webb has investigated and supervised some of the largest global fraud cases, involving millions of dollars in elaborate fraud schemes, organized crime rings, insurance fraud, and potential terrorist threats that have been highlighted by national investigative news media. She is highly sought-after as a fraud expert and speaker and has consulted for crime drama shows.

As one of the foremost fraud-fighting leaders in the country, Ms. Webb was AVP of AIG’s Global Fraud Unit, as well as a private contractor for the federal government, fighting Medicare fraud. She is the past President of a nationwide fraud investigative company employing over 112 personnel, which she helped build from the ground floor. A pioneer of justice, her trademarked name The Fraud Dog is a diverse defender of the public and a leader of the people.

Ms. Webb currently heads up multiple companies dedicated to sensitivity training, risk management, investigating fraud, and identifying corporate corruption. She is a published author of the corporate motivational book called, The Athletic Mindset, 3 Tools for Success.