3 Steps that create forward Momentum into the New Year

“Your Reaction to every Situation Today, Defines your Future Success or Failure Tomorrow”

Did you know that how you react and respond to things today, will influence your responses to things in the future? Do you typically notice more positive or negative things happening around you?

law of attraction magnetic
This is called ‘The Law of Attraction’.
 It is ALWAYS present. And it is always listening, whether you are aware of it or not.

Your mind is a powerful magnet, that constantly draws things to you… Just start to notice!


angry tennis is not RITEI’ve been teaching the Law of Attraction to athletes for years.

Whether you’re playing a sport for fun or professionally, one negative reaction will affect the very next play, and the one after that.


Whether you’re in Police, Fire, Corrections, or any service that deals with the public, one negative reaction will affect the very next encounter in the agency or on the street. IF left unaddressed, your life will start to spiral out of control. This could negatively impact you, your career, and even your family.


The pattern of Mental Looping into a spiral negative abyss stops here!


The year in Review

2021 in reviewThe year of 2021 brought to the public safety industry many different challenges as well as choices. The question is, as you look back at your 2021, how did you react to these challenges?  Did you react positively or negatively?

Are you still complaining about things that happened in 2021?

Well, it is time to Move Forward into 2022.

Get Over your issues of the past. Move on, PIVOT into the future!

2021 certainly gave us some challenges:

  1. COVID19 Choices: To get vaccinated or not get vaccinated.
  2. COVID19 Directives: Mandatory or voluntary mask wearing.
  3. COVID19 for Families: Going to school, remote learning, or home schooling
  4. Departmental Promotions or Changes in Management


No matter the situation…. Learning how to react will change the outcome, every time!


(3) steps to better Re-actions and Inter-actions

  1. Daily Check-in
  2. Turn off negative Reactions
  3. PIVOT from Distractors

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How would you answer that question? “Can anyone MAKE you Mad?”

We ask that question in every class. Most repond, “YES people make me mad!”

The truth is really no one can MAKE you mad, Because no one can get in your head and flip that switch. We ALL have the power to choose to BE mad or stay neutral to what someone just said to us.


In public safety, no matter whether you are police, fire, or corrections how you react to every situation, could have a big impact on your day, your year, and even your career.


When something goes wrong, how do you react?

  1. Do you stay mad for hours or days?
  2. Do you mental-loop about it over and over?
  3. Do you complain about it to others?
  4. Does your reaction create a toxic work area?
  5. Have you almost lost your job over your anger?


Being aware and controlling your emotions is called Emotional Intelligence When you control your emotions, you can control your reactions to any situation.


Are there toxic employees in your agency, who can’t seem to get out of their own way because they don’t know how to control their emotions? Maybe they get mad at the smallest thing, or they don’t like certain people, or they pick fights with others?


It’s possible they lack Emotional Intelligence otherwise known as EI. And EI is nothing more than being aware of your emotions, as well as knowing how to control your emotions especially under stress.

PIVOT wokplace bulling toxic

Toxic Employees can hurt an agency

Have you ever worked with an angry co-worker or boss? That one toxic employee will influence others in the agency, bringing morale way down. This negative workplace environment can even set up a hostile work setting and cause great employees to quit.

Negative workplace environment can:

  1. Cause others to leave the agency
  2. Spread rumors and gossip
  3. Make rash and costly bad decisions
  4. Create Lawsuits, Bad Press, and community distrust.


It is important to continually provide to your personnel continuous training, blogs and newsletters as well as have an establish a department-wide Professional Workplace Culture Program that incorporates Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Racial Intelligence.


hoover pd on RITE


Over the last 5 years RITE Academy has:

  1. Trained over 950 agencies – implementing a Professional Workplace Culture Program
  2. Trained and Certified over 520 RITE Trainers
  3. Provided over 550,000 RITE Training Tools for employees to work on their emotions.
  4. Helped agencies reduce their use-of-force incidents by 65%
  5. Educated local governments, state and federal representative on police reform
  6. Sent out over 100 Public Service newsletters nationwide for agencies to give to their employees


RITE Educational Highlights

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Recognizing signs of Block-out Syndrome

Block out Syndrome Faceless killerBlock-Out Syndrome for public safety personnel is when you are suddenly not thinking clearly, during a high stressful situation, and you make really bad decisions.

This becomes a ticking time-bomb for other issues.


Emotional Intelligence Vital SignsRacial Intelligence heart vital signs

If your job is keeping you up at night, makes you feel irritated, or causes you to have severe health issues, any one of your vital signs could and probably will spike.

That’s a good thing because it’s the bodies alarm, warning us that we need to change something…


The RITE’s Response – Duty to Intervene RITE duty to intervene rite

“What am I feeling when I am being yelled at?” or “What makes me mad?”

These are just starting points for most officers that were taught you don’t have emotions, or learn to bottle up your emotions at all times.


New Day Thought Process – Move Forward and make better decisions

Everyone has their share of issues, at work and home. As we travel the country training various agencies, we’ve see it all… you’re not alone. Bryant’s NEW DAY Lesson is simple, and easy to implement

It’s common to have one bad employee bring down agency morale. It doesn’t matter whether your agency is police, fire, or corrections, every department has a few bad apples with bad attitudes.


4 Steps to Recognizing Career Cumulative Trauma fire truck police car ptsd rite

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m not okay” or “I am not as fine as I tell people,” or “This job is killing me”

then you might be reaching the tipping point of Cumulative Career Trauma.


Racial Equity and Building VALUE RITE builds racial equuity

Making the right decision, especially in an escalated use-of-force situation, is not always easy.

Officers who control their emotions under pressure, are more likely to de-escalate than those who lose control.


Releasing Traumatic Mental Imprinting

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The practice of Emotional Intelligence helps make better decisions. When you control your thoughts and emotions, you can react and control any situation.


(3) steps to better Re-actions and Inter-actions

  1. Daily Check-in: Take note of your emotions during the day (AM, Lunchtime, PM) – Gain Emotional Awareness
  2. Turn off negative Reactions: Quick to Anger or Blame? Take a breath, Pause, for 2-7 seconds. Learn to Control your Emotions
  3. PIVOT from Distractors: Turn away from the naysayers. Step forward in a positive direction and thought process


“Remember, Your Reaction to every Situation Today, Defines your Future Success Tomorrow”


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