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Founded in 2015 by Linda Webb and Randy Friedman, RITE Academy (Racial Intelligence Training & Engagement) was born out of Love. Linda’s Love for all that law enforcement stands for in her heart, as a retired police officer; and Randy’s Love for helping others increase their own awareness for unlimited good, personally and professionally.

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Linda Webb – Dedicating her life to civil service, law enforcement, and fighting fraud for over 35+ years, has been a life-long passion for Linda Webb. Her law enforcement career involved patrol, morals unit, selective enforcement unit (working with vice), police motorcyclist, dive rescue, detective, and master police academy instructor (teaching ethics and professionalism). Ms. Webb has taught over 20 diverse police courses, and designed multiple nationally recognized “train-the-trainer” police programs currently being used today.

As one of the foremost fraud-fighting leaders in the country, Ms. Webb was Assistant Vice President of AIG’s Global Fraud Unit, as well as a private contractor for the federal government, fighting Medicare fraud. She is the past President of a nationwide fraud investigative company employing over 120 personnel, which she helped to build from the ground floor. Read more…

Randy Friedman – As Co-founder of the RITE Academy, Randy Friedman molded her athletics, mental toughness, and corporate training together, to help bring Racial Intelligence to law enforcement. As a certified Social+Emotional Intelligence Coach and her 25+ years in corporate and sports training, Ms. Friedman teaches with a unique perspective that helps educate public service professionals enhance their communication skill-set, on and off the job.

Ms. Friedman has taught, coached, and mentored top CEO Executives, and civic leaders in the community. As a top executive in public relations and brand marketing, she understands the importance of upholding a positive image, as well preserving respect in the community. Read more…



Racial Intelligence brings cultural diversity training up to today’s standards. Officers learn first how to improve themselves (personally) and ways to understand and improve their implicit bias and internal communication. RITE teaches tools and techniques that improve the officer’s communication on the front line, to help them De-escalate calls, as well as helping to improve departmental accountability standards.


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“One of the key things I got out of this, was even though you may have a bad start, you’ve had a bad day, you’re “low on the ladder” and you realize that your interaction is not going well… you can stop, you can rethink, you can apologize for how you just acted or just correct yourself… It’s not too late, you can always de-escalate.”   Chief Rob Hicks, Leesburg Police Dept. FL
“The Rite program is a timely program especially in today’s society, and what we are facing as a profession. It provides skills to help officers become more aware of not just what’s in front of them, but what’s inside of them. I highly recommend this program.”   Sgt. Fred Jones, Lake County Sheriff’s Office FL

“Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. The seed has been planted, let’s water it.”   ~ Captain Trent Conard, Gastonia Police Dept. NC
“The most informative training I’ve ever received. It’s actually something that can be used in my everyday life, and it came at a time when I needed it most.”   ~ Officer Shaunda Wilson, NIU, IL


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RITE in the News

Police Chief is First to Host Racial Intelligence Training in Rhode Island
CENTRAL FALLS – Officers from the Central Falls and Pawtucket police departments on Thursday and Friday participated in a rigorous two-day course to educate them on racial biases and how to appropriately handle high-pressure situations.

The departments over the two days at the Wyatt Detention Facility Training Center participated in a Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement, or RITE, “train-the-trainer” course, which served as a way to educate the departments on cultural diversity through a new lens, identifying “implicit bias” and improving communication to deescalate high pressure situations. Read more…

Police RESPECT Reaches Highest Level Since 1967
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Three in four Americans say they have “a great deal” of respect for the police in their area, up 12 percentage points from last year. Gallup has asked this question nine times since 1965. Those who say they respect the police is higher now than in any measurement taken since the 1990s and is just one point below the high of 77% recorded in 1967.

Even with the sharp increase we are seeing in respect for law enforcement, many police say they feel they are on the defensive — both politically and for their lives while they are on duty. Read more…

Charleston police plan to improve race relations, includes Racial Intelligence
When Charleston PD Training Commander, Chris Johnson called RITE last January he said, “we have a very pro-active Chief and department, and RITE training fits our needs.” Two months later, five officers became certified as Trainers in Racial Intelligence, in order to roll it out to their entire department.

Some thought this was the same old cultural diversity class they’d have to take back and “brow-beat” their officers with. They quickly learned, this course is about building officers, not breaking them. Read more…


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