RITE Academy Executives are available to speak at your next conference or in-house leadership function. As professional speakers, authors, and leading global consultants we will energize your leaders with new ways to think, lead, and mentor.

Buckle up! Our direct approach immediately helps each employee personally, and improves your department culture. The big picture is we can help your organization better connect with your culture and the community, while mitigating your risk.

Listed below are some speaker topics to choose from.


Mitigating Risk with Emotional Intelligence

Do you have a gap within your department culture that leaves your department exposed and vulnerable to risk?

We take an inner look at your current culture, and see how we can enhance departmental accountability by:

  • Incorporating tighter policies
  • Improving SOP and procedures
  • Training and Emotional Intelligence Tools for all employees

Mitigating risk means performing a gap analysis of the training your agency has provided and what might be needed in the future. We look beyond the tactical tools and weapons, but also what communication tools have you have issued to help your officers become better communicators with the public.  Mitigating risk means providing all the necessary and industry available tools for an employee to accomplish their job effectively and successfully.



Racial Intelligence – Learn to Control Your Hot Buttons

We take a deep dive into what makes you mad, identifying those hidden (implicit) biases and hot buttons that effect your personal interaction with others. We highlight Emotional and Social Intelligence and bring them together to better define Racial Intelligence, for the individual and the organization. We bring a refreshing new look to culture diversity training and help your department inside and out become a bias-free culture.



Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership

  • Are you accessible, relatable, and interactive with your subordinates?
  • Do you know what your personal ‘Why’ is?
  • Have you learned what are all of your subordinates ‘Why’ is?

If this sounds confusing, then this leadership course is highly recommended for improving effective leadership and mentorship within your department. Emotional Intelligence Risk Mitigation starts with knowing Why you do What you do. We can help you get your ‘Why’.



De-Escalation Communication with EI Tools

Do all of your employees understand the importance of ‘community connection’?

Learning to find that ‘connection’ quickly is the key to achieving a better outcome. We teach the public service professional how to use their EI Tools to practice personally, improving on their own emotional intelligence skills first, prior to any engagement with others. It starts with improving each person.

  • Improves career resiliency
  • Recruitment
  • Officer wellness

Find out how EI Tools can make a vast improvement in your overall department culture, personal development, while building community trust. Your risk mitigation plan must have Emotional Intelligence training and tools as a building block to reduce liability exposure. Providing EI tools to your employees so that they are better prepared to communicate and de-escalate is critical to closing your department risk gap.



Reducing Community Complaints – The First Approach

First impressions go both ways when interacting with others. We judge people within 2-3 seconds, and that initial assessment can be critical for some in order to have a successful outcome. We look at what happens within that ‘first approach’ from a risk mitigation standpoint, laying out some critical key items that everyone can utilize when engaging with others.

Did you ever have a situation that you wished your initial approach could have been better? We look at how to mitigate those mistakes, judgements, and influences, while providing some simple behavior self-control techniques that we know will mitigate community complaints.



Block-Out Syndrome – Recipe for Disaster… Or Success?

Every had a moment in your life where you were absolutely out-of-control and in a fit of rage?

Block-Out Syndrome is a Chiefs risk nightmare. We look at the different stages of Block-out Syndrome and how to recognize it within yourself and your co-workers. Stopping one person within your agency from a ‘block-out’ moment could save your department millions of dollars, not to mention a media frenzy. This recipe for disaster that could result with costly exposure to your department, can be turn into cultural success with the RITE steps in place.



Activate the SWARM – Mitigate Your Risk

High risk events mean you need to activate the SWARM (Swift Working Assessment with Rapid Methodology). We provide some insightful measures to help mitigate your risk during these high-level risk events.

We teach the importance of front-load triaging, while bringing in other industry experts to help with:

  • Early intervention
  • Subrogation identification
  • Media transparency



New Day Athletic Mindset

Hartselle Wilson was a leader in teaching us to look at every day as a ‘new day’, and this is especially true when it comes to disciplining and mentoring your employees. We teach your leaders how to move forward using emotional intelligence skills to address each day as a ‘New Day’ and moving your department culture forward with positive momentum, while mitigating your risk.

Learn what all top athletes know:

  • Start the day on TOP
  • When you strike out, brush yourself off quickly
  • Look to make a difference, every day



PTSD – The Silent Killer and Risk Monster

Not recognizing PTSD developments in your personnel can be a real ‘risk monster’ waiting to hit your department with an unexpected event exposing a costly liability. We help you identify how to help mitigate your risk with providing some easy-to-use techniques to give to each of your staff to show them that you care, but also emphasizing the importance of officer wellness and PTSD awareness is important within your department culture. Documenting your officer wellness should be incorporated into your risk mitigation planning.



Empathy Communication – Your Shield of Protection

Not recognizing PTSD developments in your personnel can be real ‘risk monster’ waiting to hit your department with an unexpected event exposing a costly liability. For some officers it could be a silent killer leading to suicide.

Whether the PTSD is caused by a sudden exposure to tragic event or multiple long-term events over many years, it is important to monitor those employees who may be experiencing high levels of stress or PTSD.  Providing on-the-job training to include easy-to-use emotional release techniques to give to each of your staff members, not only shows that you care, it emphasizes the importance of officer wellness. Focusing on PTSD awareness should be including as part of your department culture and documenting your officer wellness should be incorporated into your risk mitigation planning.


The Difficult Employee – Risk of Avoidance

Ever have an employee that was a nightmare to deal with, and everyone avoided?

Every organization, big and small has difficult employees. The problem becomes when we avoid them, and think they’ll just go away, that sometimes they become a nightmare for everyone. This is a fore seen liability for the future, that can be prevented.

We provide leadership exercises on how to handle situations like ‘Risk of Avoidance’. We give you some simple Emotional Intelligence steps to help you engage better even with the most difficult employee. After you hear this seminar you will be ready to face those employees head on and helping them and your organization.