Community Responds with 400 Surveys – We want Integrity, Honesty and Leadership in our next Police Chief

RITE Academy racial intelligence response“Integrity, Honesty and Leadership are the 3 key values this community wants policing their streets. Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black, and the people of the city are taking a pro-active stance on community policing. As leaders of Racial Intelligence for public service, we applaud this proactive measure of bringing police and community together again.”

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Original post – Community, officers voice opinion in CPD chief selection process – 400 people complete survey regarding police chief selection

Officials said about 400 people in Cincinnati and the police department responded to the survey. Overall, those who responded said they want to see a strong leader who cares about the city and has experience in it.

City Manager Harry Black said feedback is critical for selecting a new police chief. According to the survey, the top three qualities people found most important in the next police chief are integrity, honesty and leadership.

And asked what the chief should focus on in his first year, most people said morale, community and police.

“I think what people want is people want authentic, they want solid, they want engaged leadership, I believe inside the department as well as outside the department,” Black said.

Black said he is sensing the trend of what people want and will consider it during the entire process. He said he has established five input panels from the community, clergy and the police. The panels will help him and give him more feedback in the selection process.


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